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  1. Thanks for the explanations. Btw, does anybody know if FSRecorder works on P3D v4?
  2. The first thing I tested was to see if during the flight replay the flaps were configured for landing and if the engines' reverses and speedbrakes were deployed at touch down. I'm sorry to say these features are still out. The excuse was the limitation of 32 bits and addressable memory.
  3. It is noted that the product was released without having been properly tested.
  4. http://steamspy.com/app/314160 wow!
  5. Unfortunately there are not the twin towers any more but the graphics has been better every day. DTG is not all bad but it needs a differential that really impresses.
  6. Sethos1988, I respect your opinion but the DTG Flight school will be the base of a new simulator to be released later this year. Being a continuation of FSX (stopped since 2008) in my opinion this is a very important release to flight simulation community especially for beginners. By the way, in 1988 I already was playing Microsoft Flight Simulator 3.0, hence my interest in the continued development (and improvment) of new simulators. My expectation is 'so close to Prepar3d' it will be. The comparison is inevitable and this was the reason I buy it and closely monitor improvements. We already have three updates which shows the will of the DTG to improve. "Excuse my bad English. I stopped speaking English since I retired 13 years ago."
  7. Nothing more to say ? Too bad that a so important release (the reformulation of FSX base, that was stopped since 2008) has not generated more comments. Ok, let's hope to see if the next updates will improve the colors of textures (general) and add some shadows to others simobjects.
  8. This happened before the recently released updates. Now trim and flaps are working very well.
  9. Paraffin, I agree with you. I prefer the second picture bellow (more natural colors) than the first one.
  10. After a update for 'french version' the trim and flaps began to function properly. I think there were more hidden fixes in this update. Let's forget. What matters is that it was good now. Let's fly and explore this new SIM.
  11. I give up. I will wait for some update to return to this SIM. I am tired of fighting with the trim and flaps all the time. The flight dynamics are horrible.
  12. Some real pilots overhere to talk about the flight dinamics? It is been hard to land with flaps!
  13. I do not know if I liked it. The color (gama) was horrible but It served to kill the curiosity of what is to come later in the year (the new Flight Simulator).
  14. It was already downloaded (almost four hours) and locked since two days ago. Now I am having to wait for over an hour (and twenty one minutes) to bring it to life.
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