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  1. - After installing the newest hotfix, can't fly anymore, fcourse installed by the rulesSystem - Provider [ Name] Application Error - EventID 1000 [ Qualifiers] 0 Level 2 Task 100 Keywords 0x80000000000000 - TimeCreated [ SystemTime] 2011-09-30T03:45:05.000000000Z EventRecordID 20187 Channel Application Computer GEBRUIK-HLM0R4P Security - EventData fsx.exe 10.0.61472.0 475e17d3 PMDG_737NGX.DLL_unloaded 4e7ce449 c0000005 52cc9374 1e28 01cc7f2306366ff0 D:\FSX\fsx.exe PMDG_737NGX.DLL 94f109e5-eb16-11e0-af8f-f46d0458013c
  2. Hi again !One question, is it possible to load a default PDF in the kneeboard ?For example, edit the dll.xml with a commandline or path to the pdf document ?Would be nice !, somebody tried yet ? Regards Rob
  3. Thanks you guy's and DaveKay this realy was great help. i started with the PDF Kneeboard works fine untill nowThe PDF checklist is added as default great, only have to find an easy access to PDF charts where i want to fly. Again thanks
  4. You mean the the heading line drawn ? did you activate the heading?
  5. Is there a way to copy paste the PMDG checklist in the kneeboard ?, so it will be easy excessible ?Same question but for flightplans ( not the default plans FSx will paste into the kneeboard, when you use theh FSX flightplanner. Anybody any suggestions ? Thanks in advance Rob
  6. Hi all, maybe someone will have the same expierence. but after a nice landing, or sometimes not so nice landing ( ###### happens) i want to evaluate what i have done wrong.and replay the last 200 seconds or so.That works, but its not nice that all the flaps. spoilers, etc etc,, are in the final position, just before starting the replay.I tried the video, but that has the same issues. Anybody a solution or same experience ? or maybe i'm doing something wrong. Thanks in advance for commenting or helping.Regards Rob
  7. I installed the 900Wl Klm too, no problems what so ever, The only issue i have is not to load another aircraft. So start your situation always with the PMDG plane.Love the product !! best sim untill now !My compliments PMDGRob
  8. No Freezes what so ever, using KLM livery.Second hotfix installed. Maybe causing the freeze is USB connection errors, think about that.. it's a hunch
  9. It was the speedbreak that was armed.... but should'nt they ? in case of rejected takeoff?Thanks sofar got rid of the F horn.Have a nice weekend
  10. Yeaah i think thats my mistake I armed the speedbreaks , should'nt I ? in case of rejected takeoff?Flaps5 so that should not be the problem.. i will try the speedbrake option first and see what happens Thanks sofar
  11. Hi Guys', again spent some several hours in this beautiful PMDG.Try to read a much as possible and realy made some nice and save flights. One issue keeps on irrutaing me and i can't find the answer, !! maybe i overlooked some seetings. When i start my takeoff roll and go over 40 knots and give full power, this f..king horn keeps tooting during takeoff.. i think i prepaired the cockpitwith all neccesary seetings but it still keeps tooting until airborn. Some tips please ? what i'm overlooking. Have a nice flying weekend Greetz Rob
  12. Hello all,After browsing and sometimes study all the documentation that came with the NGX. I could not find a basis checklist for the 737-800, maybe i overlooked ?I want to copy it and plastify the basic lists and have them ready just in front of me. ( coffee proof) Another 3 questions:- is it possible to upload the checklists in the kneeboard, the same as the short list with keyboard assignments- is it possible to upload the NGX keyboard assignments in the kneeboard and how to do that- is it possible to upload the flightplan in the kneeboard that comes form third party like http://rfinder.asalink.net/free/if that is so, i would considder paying for the routefinder There are smart guys that made it possible to import the flightplan in the FMS, who already did it ? Thank you all in advance for responding. Love this new product !! Kind regards Rob
  13. Another small issue: crumpy text in the buttons of the liverymanager
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