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  1. u are right sir, they were moved, i guess this is the appropriate place for this since it used to be in the aircraft equipment page.and the options/simulation only had 2 pages.would it have killed them to put out a bloody changelog so we wont have to hunt these things down ?? :(
  2. i really dont know y they were removed, but here how to change it via the ini fileshttp://forum.avsim.n...ost__p__2118272 this hotfix is weirddddddd. i dont have them.
  3. this IS weird.look at these sections of fsx.cfg [DISPLAY.Device.NVIDIA GeForce GTX 295.0]Mode=1920x1200x32Anisotropic=1 try removing all instances of these, yours will be different obviously (make backup) and run fsx again.there can be upto 4 of these if u tried DX10 preview, so make sure u get rid of all of them and let fsx re-detect it.
  4. backup backup, backup dont delete anything, rename, or move.in fsx.cfg u can comment lines out with a semi-colon at the start of the line like so, ;comment that way fsx will ignore that line, or just backup the entire fsx.cfg file.all u need to backup from the ngx aircraft.cfg is copy paste the [fltsim.X] sections to some text file, which are the liveries info. and paste them back to the new aircraft.cfg in the same place.sorry if this is not clear enough, just trying to save some typing, and i dont want to over elaborate for no good reason, since im sure most ppl are already familiar with these procedures.if u need more info just ask.
  5. well that depends on when u bought it.i think that after the 16th of aug the 2922 was included in the full installer.if u bought it before that date u would need to re-download the installer from pmdg which is already patched to 2922.
  6. well i can keep throwing ideas here but those usually do the trick.and it will be shots in the dark, i would uninstall and re-install to get it back to a working state and than try my luck again.but thats me, u might want to stop at the working phase i just dont like stuff that refuses to work. EDIT: talking about new stuff, i noticed the wing flex effect is much better while taxing, and TERR is working F/O side.thats with about 15 mins of messing around, it would be a lot easier if PMDG would let us know exactly what exactly was updated/fixed.
  7. just reinstall from original installer.
  8. what ? it cant be. it must be hidden, u have hidden files showing ?try start -> run and type "%LocalAppData%\Microsoft\FSX\" (no quotes)the one in the fsx dir is the actual shaders source code. the dir i directed u to is where fsx puts the compiled shaders.it has to be there. in localdata not roaming.
  9. if it kepts your liveries after the hotfix than i would rekon it didnt patch it.at the top of all aircraft.cfg file it should show// Current with Build: 1.00.2987 try renamed all 4 cfg's to aircraft.cfg.bak and rerun the hotfix installer.make sure to backup the liveries section. ( [fltsim.X] sections) so u could paste it back in.
  10. go to "C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\FSX"and delete both Shaders and Shaders10 folders.
  11. some suggestions:clear the shader cache, delete all the pmdg dll enteries from the fsx.cfg [Trusted] section and re-auth them. EDIT: one more thing to try is to check the aircraft.cfg files to see if the hotfix was applied, i had it applied only to 3 of the 4 cfg.i renamed it and reinstalled the hotfix.
  12. yup, 4 variations in total.np, glad to help
  13. well i have a fairly old system and it runs ok'ish in vc. depends on where i fly.external views are very fast.the NGX base package comes with the 800/900 with and without winglets.
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