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  1. The website provided (http://fs-studio.fr/2011/09/09/pmdg-737-ngx-alaska-airlines-disneyland/) does not work! Can this file be uploaded to Avsim please to make it accessible to all? Maybe someone who was able to download it from this stupid site can upload it and give credit to the original authors... Joshua Smith
  2. Anyone for the new "Spirit of the Islands" on Alaska???? Anyone???? Please :Praying: Joshua Smith
  3. Would there by chance be someone who would like to take a stab at the new Alaska Airlines "Spirit of the Islands" livery to debut later this year on an -800 ETOPS? It would be much appreciated. Also N609AS, it's a -700 for Alaska Airlines, kind of a hybrid Alaska/Portland Timbers logo plane. It has since been repainted back to the standard AS colors, in favor of 607AS, the full Timbers jet, but it would be nice to have on the NGX. Thanks! Joshua Smith
  4. Anyone want to take a stab at these adapted Boeing House schemes? It is only on the 747-8, but would probably look pretty good the 737NGs 6, 7, 8 and 9s. Joshua Smith
  5. Would anybody be will to take a stab at these? Christian maybe? The one in the middle is a -900, the other two are -400, but would look good on -800 non WL. Thanks! Joshua Smith
  6. Christian, Excellent work on the Alaska series. Job well done. Joshua Smith
  7. Chris, The Lonestar One looks stunning! But what happened to your other Southwest Airlines repaints, like 707SA? I can't find them in the AVSIM library at all anymore. :( Joshua Smith
  8. Rich had it just about done... he was set to release it without the star on the nose, but decided to wait to a couple weeks to see if someone at PMDG could give him some pointers about what was wrong... that was in December though and I haven't seen him around since then, no response to messages either.I'd like to have Starliner 75 in my hanger too... along with some more of the Alaska -400/-900 special Disney liveries.Joshua Smith
  9. Oh, I was just saying I didn't know because it's such a complicated one to try your first repaint on. But you've done an excellent job. I've seen the Illinois One on Avsim, but no offense to whoever did it, but the textures are really dull and its not that visually great. Florida One would be nice, so would California One. While we're at it, someone with Photoshop skills should remake the Southwest -800 with the correct tail number of N8301J and ETOPS markings on the plane, to honor the first -800 for WN that is being built right now for Southwest. :( Joshua Smith
  10. Not sure why you picked it Bryan, but I'm glad you had the bravery to try to tackle this one. Hey man, it's looking really nice! Can't wait until its done. Maybe Illinois One and Florida One next? :)Keep up the good work.Joshua Smith
  11. Thanks a lot for taking the time to make that! It looks really nice. Can't wait to get it.Joshua Smith
  12. Hey Chris, that looks really nice. Will be nice to have 707SA in all 3 liveries she has worn while flying with Southwest. Maybe you might wanna venture in and do the 1990s white with blue and red stripes livery Boeing House Livery she wore during testing to finish off the complete set.Joshua Smithi
  13. Thank you! This will look awesome! Been waiting for someone to tackle this!Joshua Smith
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