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  1. What exactly is the problem, Daniel? You go to axis assignment, move your throttle, assign it to "throttle" and select "send directly to FSUIPC calbration", and there you simply activate it. The range from 16380 to -16380 is completely normal. 0 should be about in the middle.
  2. Let's keep the issues separate, everyone. Windows 8 joystick issues: Have naught to do with UAC or compatibility mode. Can reliably be fixed with a registered version of FSUIPC. You need to set up your controller through FSUIPC, simply running FSUIPC or calibrating your controller in FSUIPC does not do the trick! Windows 8 stability issues with FSX or P3D: May be fixed by deactivating UAC or setting Win7 compatibility mode. Your mileage may vary. Note: Pulling the slider down in Windows 8 will not deactivate UAC, it will only deactivate notifications. UAC can be completely deactivated via the registry, which will cause Metro apps to stop working.
  3. No, it's not exactly straightforward. The manual is a bit of a pain to read and follow. Let us know if you have questions though.
  4. Read through this thread and configure your controller through FSUIPC, that's 30 € instead of 250 €.
  5. Seriously mate - I know you want to be helpful and all, but reading back in this thread, do you realize how often you've jumped to conclusions prematurely? So far you've been wrong every single time, and still you assume stuff based on a couple flights without problems. For what it's worth, I'm on a fully updated Windows 8, and controller issues have not changed one bit.
  6. I too can report good experiences with FSUIPC. I didn't need to set FSX to run in Win7 compatibility mode either. I leave the controller activated in FSX and in FSUIPC at all times. That results in double input (noticeable at view panning, for instance, which is double as fast), which doesn't seem to present any real problems however. When the controller drops out in FSX, it still works through FSUIPC. That, as a workaround, is good enough for me, and I'm now happy with the Win8-FSX combination.
  7. It's interesting that FSUIPC manages to cling to the joystick somewhat longer than FSX. Perhaps Pete Dowson can do something with that bit of information?
  8. This doesn't work for me. When the joystick disconnects in FSX, FSUIPC doesn't see the joystick either...
  9. Hello, as you all know, the Windows 8 joystick issue has a random component to it. Sometimes the joysticks fails, sometimes it doesn't. As so often in the flightsim world, this fact makes people jump to conclusions and post solutions prematurely. The threads are littered with magical fixes that turn out to be ineffective only after some while. To clear up the situation, I have compiled a list of solutions that didn't work, so that we all know what not to try, together with links to relevant posts. I will try to keep the list current until the problem is fixed. Hardware It's not limited to controllers of any particular brand Unplugging / replugging the USB connector doesn't fix it Using USB 2.0 instead of 3.0 doesn't fix it Settings Setting FSX to Vista compatibility doesn't fix it - neither to Win7 compatibility Maximising FSX / going to full screen and back doesn't reproduceably fix it (my own experience) Deactivating power-save mode for the controller doesn't fix it Disabling UAC doesn't fix it Using Direct X 10 Preview doesn't fix it Other software Using dinput8.dll from Win7 doesn't fix it - registering it with regsvr32 doesn't help It happens on both FSX and P3D Setting all controllers through FSUIPC and deactivating them in FSX doesn't fix it - The issue is not FSUIPC related at all It's not exclusively related to add-on aircraft (though it may appear more often there) Updating from Windows 7 to Windows 8 instead of doing a clean install doesn't fix it (my own experience) The issue is most probably Windows 8 related - reports of the same problem in Windows 7 are currently anecdotal only It's not EZCA related It's not Internet Explorer 10 related Not yet disproved Updating motherboards drivers A combination of Windows 7 compatibility mode for fsx.exe and setting up the controller through FSUIPC Fingers crossed to get this sorted. Regards
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