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  1. Man, can we please please please finally stop this. All this ridiculous demand for METAR injection and live weather being absolutely exactly like reality has already to some extent ruined the live weather how it once was when the sim came out in 2020. The live weather in the sim will never be exactly the same as reality. This is just not possible. MSFS once had a great modeled live weather system. Let's not make that worse and worse by forcing ugly workarounds into the system that are not going to solve the general problem: It's impossible to have a digital representation of live weather in a scale that would be necessary to reflect all the little tiny details that lead to s single METAR report, being a single point in space and time, that by the way in a lot of situations may be completely unrepresentative for the surrounding area. Having said that, 15kn gusts with a 6kn wind is not unrealistic at all.
  2. Same here, but actually it is more or less the fact that I know it could be much better because it has been in the past. That is what drives me crazy about this. If it had been like today from the start I probably would not even think about it.
  3. It makes me even wonder if this is something in the data feed coming from MeteoBlue and not a bug within the sim at all? Maybe they do some sort of interpolation or AI between the full hours and there is something wrong with that server side? Anyway, I will try to reproduce that with my setup the next days or so. This is really interesting.
  4. One more thing (beside my three items in my earlier post): voice recognition for ATC. Yes I know, probably a pretty advanced one, but hey, we all can have dreams, right? 🙂
  5. 1. (and by far number 1.): More cloud variations and more realistic cloud patterns and layers in live weather, especially cirrus clouds, stratus clouds, CB and more. The engine can do that already, but live weather data are just not being interpreted well by the engine for some reason 2. Better ATC (no repeating messages, not assigning wrong or nonsensical altitudes, just being more realistic overall 3. Being able to leave the cockpit and freely walk around
  6. Wow. Well, that comparison is stunning. But good to see that the engine is at least capable of doing all this. It makes me even more wondering what actually is going on behind all this.
  7. I have never asked for METAR, and getting rid of that mess is one of my top wishes since then. The side effects introduced with that are just too bad. As often, it's not automatically a majority or "the community" just because the group of complainers is louder than others. It's the hardcode VATSIM simmers that needed this for their experience. I would say that decision was a mistake, given those side effects. But yes, that's only my point of view, realistic and physically accurate depiction of weather is far more important than correct METAR for me. Everything else just breaks immersion. But I respect that others may have other priorities.
  8. Is there a thread about this in their forums where we might be able to upvote it to make it higher priority?
  9. Yes, same here, flying the Baron G58. Similar with the 500ft warning on approach coming from the G1000. That one is somewhat better actually but I would love to be able to adjust that to be much louder as it is really quiet per default. Adjusting the different sound levels in the general settings did not really help.
  10. I think this is not possible at the moment, but I absolutely agree this would be a nice feature!
  11. you all could probably help by voting for this thread: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/sim-now-seems-incapable-of-rendering-overcast-using-live-weather/473591
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