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  1. I like to fly with full realism but I turn on "ignore crashes" at airport so I dont get hit my ground vehicles while I'm programming the FMC etc. Once I'm lined up for takeoff I switch back to the full realism.
  2. With FSX, I used to tweak all the time, but with Prepar3d v3, just leave everything as it is - except of course for adjusting the settings in the in-game options. What GPU have you got? That makes more of a difference in P3D because it offloads more of the work to the graphics card. If you do want to adjust things - well you have an unlocked processor for overclocking. I have the same CPU and it's great for P3D - it has a boost to over 4 Ghz so I actually don't overclock for P3D - I used to go up to 4.6 Ghz on FSX. I use a mild OC on my GPU.
  3. Thanks - that's really good to know. Much appreciated
  4. If you go to 1440p make sure to get an IPS panel - a super fast response time should not be determinative in a flight sim, only really a FPS. I have a Dell IPS panel with an 8ms response time and it's perfect for P3D - and although the refresh rate is only 60 Hz, it's still fine for most things. Mind you I don't play any FPS games like Call of Duty or Battlefield. I see the ACER Predator is IPS, 1440p G-Sync and 144 Hz. If someone has that, please let us know what it's like. With a i74970K and an overclocked EVGA GTX 980 ti I often get > 80fps in countryside GA flying. I wonder whether having a faster monitor would make things look even better.
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