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  1. I'm wondering the exact same thing. I have a Switch Panel and I would love to get the Fuel Pump button working through Linda, but there appears to be no modules for the SR22T. MRB13676, did you ever find a solution? -Greg
  2. I received a Logitech Flight Switch Panel for Christmas for my FSX system, and I'm not sure of the proper device drivers/software that is needed. I've had the Saitek Pro Flight Yoke System with rudder pedals and throttle quadrant for years. If I remember correctly, back then I was told not to use the Saitek drivers/software and just use FSUIPC. I think that this Logitech Flight Switch Panel is really Saitek. I tried to just plug in the Switch Panel USB into my computer and then fired up FSUIPC, but it didn't recognize it. I'm assuming I need some driver first. I've seen posts for software called Linda? Do I need this? Does that software also contain a driver, or do I use the driver supplied by Logitech? Will I still need FSUIPC? Once whatever is suggested to me, will my original Yoke, Pedals, and throttle quadrant still work? Are there any detailed step by step instructions out there that I can follow? Thanks. -Greg
  3. GCRicker

    Flight1 GTN V5 now available.

    I'm so sorry. You are absolutely correct. I must have installed it a couple of years ago and missed it when I searched the uninstall program list. It's loaded now. Thanks for your quick reply. -Greg
  4. GCRicker

    Flight1 GTN V5 now available.

    I just purchased Flight1 GTN750. I'm trying to install Garmin's GTNPCTrainerLite_5130 and it's giving me an error message of, "Another version of this product is already installed". I assume this is because I'm currently using the RealityXP GNS400 with the GNS400W-500W Trainer. Do I really have to remove the GNS400W-500W Trainer to install the GTNPCTrainerLite? I'd really like to be able to easily switch back and forth between them. Thanks. -Greg
  5. PWJT8D, Your instructions worked perfectly! I can't thank you enough. -Greg
  6. PWJT8D, I have a GeoForce GTX 680 graphics card. When I try to widen the window from my main monitor to the others, the right side is black and the cockpit appears on the left monitor and half of the main monitor. -Greg
  7. I apologize if this is a dumb question. I've looked everywhere for the answer. I just installed 2 additional monitors to my system, so now I have 3. They appear to be working fine in Windows8. However, in Flight Simulator X, I can create new windows and move them to the other 2 monitors. However, using EZDoc, I'm unable to move around the cockpit except for the main monitor. Shouldn't all 3 monitors be "locked" so they all change when moving around? Thanks. Greg