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  1. I'm wondering the exact same thing. I have a Switch Panel and I would love to get the Fuel Pump button working through Linda, but there appears to be no modules for the SR22T. MRB13676, did you ever find a solution? -Greg
  2. I received a Logitech Flight Switch Panel for Christmas for my FSX system, and I'm not sure of the proper device drivers/software that is needed. I've had the Saitek Pro Flight Yoke System with rudder pedals and throttle quadrant for years. If I remember correctly, back then I was told not to use the Saitek drivers/software and just use FSUIPC. I think that this Logitech Flight Switch Panel is really Saitek. I tried to just plug in the Switch Panel USB into my computer and then fired up FSUIPC, but it didn't recognize it. I'm assuming I need some driver first. I've seen posts for software called Linda? Do I need this? Does that software also contain a driver, or do I use the driver supplied by Logitech? Will I still need FSUIPC? Once whatever is suggested to me, will my original Yoke, Pedals, and throttle quadrant still work? Are there any detailed step by step instructions out there that I can follow? Thanks. -Greg
  3. Flight1 GTN V5 now available.

    I'm so sorry. You are absolutely correct. I must have installed it a couple of years ago and missed it when I searched the uninstall program list. It's loaded now. Thanks for your quick reply. -Greg
  4. Flight1 GTN V5 now available.

    I just purchased Flight1 GTN750. I'm trying to install Garmin's GTNPCTrainerLite_5130 and it's giving me an error message of, "Another version of this product is already installed". I assume this is because I'm currently using the RealityXP GNS400 with the GNS400W-500W Trainer. Do I really have to remove the GNS400W-500W Trainer to install the GTNPCTrainerLite? I'd really like to be able to easily switch back and forth between them. Thanks. -Greg