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Found 19 results

  1. Hi, I have the following Saitek products: two Radio Panels, Pedals, Yoke, Trim and Switch Panel. I have P3Dv4 installed with SpadNext and FSUIPC working nicely with these products (except the Switch Panel) along with an EFIS and MCP from GoFlight. I tend to fly the PMDG 737NGX. For some reason, although I can see and configure the Switch Panel in SpadNext, it just does not show up in the Options/Control of P3D, therefore rendered unusable. Any ideas please?
  2. Is it possible or will it be possible to use the Saitek Pro Yoke Modes within ChasePlane? I would like to assign a number of buttons/switches on both the yoke and quadrant in Mode 1 to Chaseplane and assign other Sim functions to the same buttons/switches in Modes 2 & 3
  3. Dear Pilots.This morning I had alittle issue where my Saitek X52 hardware was playing up. It appeared that the trottle in the VC cockpit was shaking about and also the panning seemed less smooth and jerky.To resolve this here is what i did ..Go to this path....Local C:/ Users / Yourname. so for me it is steven inwood / appdata / roaming / mircosoft / FSX / controls. In the controls folder you will find a stantard XML document. This is the file for your hardware controls... Remove that from the file. ( DELETE).Then close this down restart FSX, and after you have restarted the application, go to the settings area where you can calibrate your hardware again, save it and then this solves it..Hope this is of some help it may help for other issues in the future..If you just re try and calibrate without doing any of the above before hand thinking it will just clibrate over the top of that old file before you dlelte it .. It don't work !Regards Steve
  4. Guys, Have any of you modified your controller settings? I have Saitek Proflight yoke and additional throttle quadrant. I applaud PMDG on this amazing aircraft but have always been curious how any aircrafts flight model can be deemed accurate when there's so many different controllers and settings within each. I have zero deadzones and sensitivities are set on full but last night the 738 was banking like an F16 which doesnt seem right :( Any advice guys? Chris Ibbotson
  5. I am currently setting up my Saitek/ Logitech pro flight yoke for operations with the Pilotedge software. I have selected my E-Button (the red button on the upper left side of the yoke, in front of the hat switch) for ATC communication. For the aviators on this forum currently using this setup -- I was wondering about a couple of things. First of all, once the button is pressed, will I be required to push the button once when I speak, and push it again after I am finished talking. Or will I be able to hold the button down during the entire length of my pilot communication and release it when I'm finished speaking--like in a real cockpit? I was trying to sort this out because I don't want to encounter any unintended breaks/gaps in my communications with ATC. Thank you for your kind assistance.
  6. I have FSX-SE which is mostly (but not always) stable. I have just posted about random CTD's on the appropriate forum page but once in a while, and especially recently, the FSX settings on my controllers (all Saitek) change without my knowledge or command. Yesterday I discovered the FSX-SE 'sensitivity' sliders for controllers had reset to 'default', and Scenery 'sensitivy' sliders had moved all the way to the right - i.e. 'maxed out'. Assignments on various 'Joystick' functions had changed from one controller to another (i.e. functions assigned to the Yoke had aslo appeared on the Saitek Rudder and Throttle Quadrant. I carefully deleted the 'extra' (and I assume potentially conflicting) assignments, saved, closed and re-opened FSX-SE. When I checked, a couple of the 'rogue' assignments had reappeared, although the sensitivity sliders had stayed where I put them. Has anyone any idea what is going on? Is this a known FSX 'Steam' issue, a Windows 10 issue, or something else? I love my SIM but it's depressing to spend so many hours sorting it out rather than enjoying it. My SIM computer is a 4 core 3.6 Ghz PC with 20 Gb of RAM and an nVidia 1050ti graphics card with 4Gb. Andrew Gold (threebears)
  7. I bought my Saitek Pro Throttle plus extra Throttle Quadrant in October 2008. It's behaved well over the years but I now have two axes displaying signs of dirty potentiometers with spiking during part of the travel. I have watched a couple of videos on YouTube and whilst it's fiddly it does appear to be fairly straightforward to clean them with alcohol. Given its popularity I'm guessing many of you may gave cleaned yours. How did you find it and does it solve the problem long term? Apparently Saitek deliberately use low grade potentiometers made exclusively for them so finding a higher quality alternative is impossible. They want you to buy a new throttle all because something costing a few pence is dirty.
  8. This is my first forum post, and after a while of searching I felt like Avsim is the place to ask. Does anyone know where I could aqquire a desk clamp for the Saitek Cessna yoke system? I recently have purchased this yoke used from a guy online who didn't have the clamp. Any help is appreciated.
  9. Hi all, I have the Saitek Pro Flight Cessna Yoke, and the rocker switch below the Hat Switch is really loose since I've used the Yoke for a long time. However, when I try to assign that switch to a command in FSX's settings, it responds, so the actual control isn't damaged. With that being said, all I would need would be a replacement switch or a way to repair the loose one. I checked Saitek's site and didn't find anything, so I thought this forum would be the next step. The switch in question is labeled "Button 12," and "Button 13," in FSX's settings. Please assist! Kevin Davis
  10. Hi, is it possible to make a backup of my current Saitek X55 bindings in P3D, I intermittently lose them for no apparent reason. Its quite a pain to have to reprogram them all in again. Thank you for any help you can give me. Barry
  11. Thought I'd share this find on Gumtree 2nd hand Saitek pro combat rudder pedals for £65.00 .... I already have a set,so no good to me.. here is the link https://www.gumtree.com/p/video-games-controllers/ads/1269442173?EDID=B46HSBW-KQPACQ-9CSHJ8-Z4ZJK3-O19GKI-v1&CELLID=15084827&utm_source=savedsearches&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Daily&utm_content=GpA_month
  12. I received a Logitech Flight Switch Panel for Christmas for my FSX system, and I'm not sure of the proper device drivers/software that is needed. I've had the Saitek Pro Flight Yoke System with rudder pedals and throttle quadrant for years. If I remember correctly, back then I was told not to use the Saitek drivers/software and just use FSUIPC. I think that this Logitech Flight Switch Panel is really Saitek. I tried to just plug in the Switch Panel USB into my computer and then fired up FSUIPC, but it didn't recognize it. I'm assuming I need some driver first. I've seen posts for software called Linda? Do I need this? Does that software also contain a driver, or do I use the driver supplied by Logitech? Will I still need FSUIPC? Once whatever is suggested to me, will my original Yoke, Pedals, and throttle quadrant still work? Are there any detailed step by step instructions out there that I can follow? Thanks. -Greg
  13. Hi all. I am struggling to get Linda to make "bigger strokes" when using the X-55 trim buttons (wheel) on the throttle, its painfully slow. I have set up FSUICP according to this thread to make the aileron Trim faster using OFFSET SWORD Increment / Decrement http://a2asimulations.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=115&t=40237#p303155 This works a treat, but as its a button assignment I really want Linda to do this for me not FSUIPC, can anyone help me with the required Linda code please. Many thanks Rog.
  14. Many people complain about the bothersome detent in the pitch axis of this otherwise good product. There have been a number of "improvements" that others have done to counter this issue, such as removing one of the pitch springs, replacing them with other springs, or even one person who re-engineered the product to behave like the CH yoke with side springs which provide both pitch and roll resistance. Still others have cut the bushings and changed lubricants. After trying some of these suggestions, I still was not happy with the performance of this product. So today I decided to open it up for the 101 time. I thought that there must be some simple solution to this problem. I noticed that there are two plastic "horns" on the middle yoke shaft, and equidistant vertical tabs a few inches forward and back of it. This reminded me of a video of improving the CH yoke by attaching rubber bands to these horns. I decided to give rubber bands a try. Though I am not a fan of using rubber bands to fix issues, in this case the application is a good place to use them. I removed the two springs that control the pitch axis resistance and removed the arms to which they were attached to, saving them in case I wanted to go back to the original configuration. I found two identical rubber bands, rather thick and short, and attached one around the horns and front vertical tab, and the other around the horns and rear vertical tab. Finally I took a much smaller and thinner rubber band and simply strapped it across the two horns to secure the 2 main rubber bands upon strong deflection in the pitch axis. To my surprise, I did not need to do anything to secure the rubber bands about the vertical tabs, as the bottom cover of the yoke already has grooves into which these tabs slide into when you put the yoke back together. Its almost if Saitek designed the yoke with such a solution in mind. After putting it all together, its like a whole new yoke. Now I still have not had much time to test this out extensively, but the clunky mechanical detent is not there, and the yoke does return to center quite precisely, behaving more like the CH yoke. The resistance is uniform throughout the axis. Since I am only studying engineering , there may be improvements to this fix. Specifically, there may be a better way to secure the rubber bands from ever slipping off, though I don't think they will. Of course, more expensive rubber bands may help if these wear out. You may choose stronger/weaker rubber bands to suit your tastes. If you find the roll axis too stiff, you might want to remove the roll spring as well, though I find it to work well. The only drawback I have noticed thus far is that pitch resistance is very slightly higher when the yoke is turned, but this is barely noticeable and is just because the rubber bands must stretch more when you turn the yoke. It may also be possible to do this mod with springs instead of rubber bands, though that may be noisy. I may also make a cut on the plastic bushings, as there is still a tiny amount of stiffness when turning, but so far, I feel much more control in pitch. Please feel free to offer improvements. Tom G. Please note that this will void your warranty and I do not take any responsibility if you mess up your yoke. (Though its very unlikely). You may also have to recalibrate your yoke.
  15. I'm spending a small fortune trying to do the NGX justice. I just upgraded my joystick to a CH Eclipse Yoke (Happy Birthday to ME), and I can't believe I actually used the joystick for so long. The eclipse has a gazillion possible button combinations (240 is the real number), and I've been scrambling my brain for the last few days trying to map (get it?) a strategy for assigning the buttons to the proper operations. I've investigated the options in FSX (direct, but too restrictive), FSUIPC (Good Lord, what a monster), and the CH Manager (might be a good compromise). I would like a few opinions about this process', strategies, pitfalls, etc. Is it a good idea to combine the programs? I know the first thing you should be concerned about is double mapping a single button. I've read (heavily skimmed) the FSUIPC document, and been to the CH forums. FSX is pretty much self explanatory. Sorry to be so long-winded, but I think this is important. As always, TIA. D
  16. How do I know if my orbx is working. Also, my saitek pro flight throttles jump from 0 x axis, to halfway, then move freely. What do I do to fix this?
  17. I had to reinstall my FSX software yesterday and I'm now having issues with my rudder pedals (Pro Flight Saitek). I am unable to fix the brakes issue, even after I checked the reverse boxes in the controls section for the pedals (toe brakes). The brakes remain on during taxiing and takeoff. The differential braking works fine. Any assistance will be appreciated.
  18. I've recently purchased the Saitek H.O.T.A.S X56 Joystick and Throttle and have not been able to use it due to FSX control settings changing the sensitivity level from whatever it was before to 0. It is happening constantly and I haven't found any solution yet. If anyone is having this issue or knows the solution it would be greatly appreciated if you could reply on this topic. Mohammed
  19. (This is posted in multiple FlightSim forums) I searched everywhere and could not find any explanation on how to get the Saitek throttle quad to actually move the prop levers into feather detent section like l could in FSX driving the old Aeroworx B200. But I figured it out and thought I'd share. First, and unfortunately, you'll have to buy a key for FSUIPC7 from SimMarket for 25 euro to make it work. 1. Clear any buttons assigned to the Prop lever detent buttons. (full down past the detent is detected as a button press) You can keep the axis you assigned thru MSFS just clear the detent if it was assigned. 2. open FSUIPC while the King Air is parked ready to start on the tarmac. 3. Go to "Assignments" Menu tab in FSUIPC and select 'Buttons & Switches' 4. push down on the prop 1 lever to send a button press, it will pop up as Joy #B Btn #7 or something like that. 5. to the right of that, check the box 'Select for FS control' 6. below that click the dropdown menu under "Control sent when button pressed' and choose 'Prop Pitch 1 Decr' 7. Check the box below this 'Control to repeat while held' 8. then in the next dropdown menu below that 'Control sent when button released' choose 'Prop Pitch 1 Hi Ex1' This will put the lever back to bottom axis position when you release (or move back to the detent) 9. When you click 'OK' it will send this to MSFS and you can test it by watching the lever move into the Feather zone. 10. Repeat for the Prop 2 lever, selecting 'Prop Pitch 2 xxx' instead of course. That's it. This also works for Ceranado's Seneca V PA34T too. (but careful, it will stall out the engine ) Sorry, I didn't try any other aircraft or the CH quadrants. And of course I didn't try it with the Honeycomb quadrant because you bought them ALL! For the King Air 350 Throttle Beta (essentially reverse thrust) follow the same procedure as above but for the throttle detents and use 'Throttle 1 Decr' for the button press and 'Throttle 1 cut' for the release.
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