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  1. Ya, I was referring to the ground maintenance page on the 777. I wish we had that for the 737 as well. And weather radar and realistic fuelling would be super to........................ lol Just sayin. Anyway, thanks again!
  2. Ahhhhhhhhhhh that's where I am going wrong. I could have sworn there was a menu item in there somewhere where you could top off the oil like in the 777. But I guess I must have been thinking about the 777 the whole time. Suddenly things are clear to me lol Thanks Kyle, appreciate the help.
  3. Ok, stupid question (as I am looking through every menu on there) does it matter that I am in the air while I am doing it? Or is it there but you can't use it? Or is it completely gone while airborne? Because I just can't find it man.
  4. I can find the FS Actions section etc. But I cannot for the life of me find out where it references how to top off the oil. I thought that was introduced in a service pack later, and not from the original? Right now I just do a service to the engines because I can't find it in the CDU (which is really frustrating me, because I know I found it before).
  5. Hey Kyle, I hunted and hunted, I can't find it. I am wondering if my manual didn't update when I updated the plane? Or maybe I am just blind, more than likely just blind.
  6. Did you set your packs and bleeds up properly so it re-pressurized everything? Human error really isn't a failure. Cept for the plane full of vegetable passengers I suppose.
  7. Well thank you sir, that makes complete sense. I appreciate it!
  8. Just an FYI, I don't load my flightplan into ASN, and the FMC grabs the winds just fine. I to am having troubles with the descent forecast, but I just put them in manually, no biggy.
  9. Don't put the WX file in the PMDG WX folder anymore. Load your f/p in the FMC and then request your weather. Not sure if that's the actual problem, but that's how I did mine and it worked like a charm.
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