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  1. yes exactly what I always do ! still same thing Just started 45 minutes ago, restarted all several times
  2. What is this (Process Validation failed please contact support) in the EF mini UI ? Starting to lose patience
  3. I am on previous SF build 5.0.2019.0116, and this is working for me
  4. Never forgot my password. It just kept asking me to change it "Reset" and when I would submit a change it would not respond to it nor allow a log in. It is no big deal as all is well now. Kinda like having your locks changed on your car when ya want to go, go, go !!😉
  5. Ticket support got my account going again. Still think you should be notified by operations center or email when changes are to be made to accounts. But any way, downloaded the new file for 747, did a complete un-install and re-install of the 747 and all is good and up to date.
  6. Would be nice if PMDG would send email updates when they make changes to ones account. And I just set a ticket.
  7. Lets just say update for 747 queen of skys is borked, still ends up as older version. Go to my account and cannot reset password, Because PMDG evidently requires it to be reset, therefore cannot access my download files to do a complete re-install of it. Everything I have bought and paid for cannot access. what is gonna be done about it PMDG
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