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  1. Apologies if someone have already suggested or mentioned this. But maybe a "PMDG Operations Center" type project going where it serves as a dispatch solution, call it umm...PMDG Flight Dispatch Center . It would serve as flight planning / fuel / route etc... with accurate information with respect to each livery, aircraft, engine types in the PMDG hangar. I realize that there are many great products and websites out there that already perform this function but maybe PMDG could go make its own? That would be extremely convenient. This could potentially lead to a future simulated EFB with PMDG's own fed information!
  2. Rob, The flapperon looks retracted. Does it have to do with the plane's automated stress/load alleviation on its control surfaces to ensure/maintain structural integrity?
  3. Kyle, Well said! I believe you are one of the more informed folks I've read on this forum. All new hires at Boeing (including me about 2 years ago) prior to being allowed to enter an aircraft being assembled in our Everett factory, have to go through FOD training with the "D" being described as both Debris and Damage. The prevention of FODebris entering the airplane (from things such as loose pens, articles of jewelry to un-necessary fasteners and nuts) reduces the chances of FODamage to the airplane. The point is that what the D stands for depends on the context of the user.
  4. Seeing as this is the maiden voyage of the newest aircraft in my FSX hangar, for me, it will be a delivery flight for United from Boeing's factory @ KPAE to KLAX (one of many United hubs).
  5. Everett, Washington..the greater Northwest and home of Boeing, sunny and 60 degrees! (for a change) -Thong Do
  6. As a Boeing employee, I most positively agree! -Thong Do
  7. Yes this happened to me as well, after submitting a ticket, here is Ryan's response, works great!: "This issue may be caused by the default Windows 7 uiautomationcore.dll file, which resides in the Windows system folder and is involved in view switching and menu use. Unzip the following file into your root FSX folder - this is the Vista 32-bit version of the file and it does not have the problems the Win7 version does: http://dl.dropbox.co...omationCore.zip As long as the dll file is in the FSX root folder it will use this version instead of the Windows system folder one." -Thong Do
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