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  1. Try changing Command Rate to 1T and see what happens. Actually, why don´t you load up FSX first and see how it performs? I don´t give a hoot about these benchmarks, and a difference in 2-3 FPS with this or that RAM, or whatever! It´s the "In Game" performance that counts, and YOUR OWN perception of it. Surely the best RAM will be 6-6-6-24-1T, but probably not easy to find these days. So you're stuck with the Corsairs, maybe you could try adjusting them at bit: http://www.legitrevi...article/1740/8/
  2. I´m no expert, but I know when I´ve found one! You will have to look here, and read: http://www.simforums...topic41484.html Quote: FSX is not a game, its a simulation and needs every advantage to memory speed and latency possible Unquote What I´ve learned in app. 3 years of FSX tweaking and some flying (!) is that the balance between the different hardware is most important, and it seems to me that you have everything up to top-performance, except your RAM...
  3. What about 2T, can you change that to 1T? IMO CAS 9 is not really OK for an intended high performance FSX rig...
  4. Aren´t these RAM a bit on the slow side? "Ram 4x2GB 1333Mhz (9-9-9-24-2T)" What brand is it? Can' t they run 1600 Mhz, and tighter, i.e. 7-8-7-24-1T?
  5. Don' t buy Asrock, it´s made by Asus, yes, but with lower quality components. Upgrade from AMD to i5 2500K IS worth it! :good:
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