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  1. Thanks so much scandinavian13 for you kind resonse; and you're right I didn't read that topic in the manual.
  2. Hi everyone, Hi everyone, I need help on how to make FSX keep or save my PMDG 747-400 keyboard command settings. When I setup the keyboards combination it only works for the present session, when I close the program and re-open all of my key settings is gone. To avoid any interferance I delete the FSX pre-set keys combination in order to use them in the PMDG add-ons Keyboard Commands, but they don't remain after closing the program. Thanks for any help on this. D. Quinn
  3. Thanks very much Jim for your kind reply; I'm working on it; I'll let you know the results. I would hate having to reinstall everything again.
  4. I've been using Microsoft Flight Simulator since 1984 when the Apple IIC version came out. After installing FSX a couple years ago I've been taking of and landing hundreds of time in my PMDG-747 with absolutely no problem. A couple weeks ago I installed the FSX-SE version and suddenly I'm missing all of my ILS approaches; each and every one is lining up the aircraft at the left of every airport in any condition of weather, it also show the route line in a slanted position in the navigation panel (it never align with the plane); even if I set wind manually to 0 knots and perfect conditions. I know exactly how to set up the waypoints and ILS approaches on the FMC, since I've been doing it for years. The problem seems to be the Steam Edition in which I don't know how to fix this issue. I'm considering to return to my out-of-the-box FSX Gold Edition; but the reason why I've installed the SE edition is because it fix some video graphic problems with FSX out-of-the-box on Windows 10 64 bits. Any help will be very well appreciated. David Quinn
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