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  1. KTNT is also mine. I love the large runway for getting familiar with a plane. Nice taxi route as well with a few turns. Great on framerates so you can really fly the plane at this location. AND about an hour from my home. :) Forgot to mention a nice 9/27 runway. So easy to do patterns. Less thinking. ;)
  2. I understand your logic, BUT doesn't apply to P3D users only. I have PMDG, etc. So those prices you compare are half for me. Your logic only works if you get and use both license. (fsx,p3d). So coming from the 80 or 90 price tag to 140 for me to use on p3d is a big jump.
  3. I for one am glad ORBX backed out. You have to figure we get some nice freeware airports now. And we get some nice payware as well at a decent cost. 20 bucks usually for some nice airports. If ORBX comes along, they will be more expensive which means all the others will be raising their prices some too. So although we may get a nice scene here or there from them, in the long run, what we loved about XP and the openess and freeware, etc. I think xp scenery is working fine without them. Just mho. (as in MY opinion. So no need to bash my opinion.
  4. On bright side, it was only 12 bucks to upgrade. On the not so bright side. Very clumsey interface. Also. my copy (not sure if all experience this) has menu's staying on the screen. gotta close it and reopen to see things again. Not sure if this is bug for all or not. ALSO. why can't we load in old profiles at least for what it can handle. To start setting up all the profiles again will be a bummer. And the speed even boosted seems so slow to move and set them up. I was very hopeful that this was going to be nicer than it is. I assume it was released a little premature to keep up with chase plane. To me, that hurts ezdok2. Basically, i'll probably go with chaseplane being it's only in beta but seems ahead of this. AND easier to setup profiles, etc. AND it even lets you use ezdok 1 profiles. Seems ezdok 2 would do that but i couldn't find a way. If you have chaseplane now, i wouldn't even bother with upgrade to this yet. maybe after some things get worked out a bit and less clunky, etc.
  5. True that. But i'm not asking you to agree with me. I'm just posting my opinion. Those words are fine with me as well. Both Sims. 1 detailed and 1 'simple'. Same point, just different wording.
  6. In Short, you can sum it up as P3D and XP and FSX are Simulators whereas Aerofly 2 is a game!
  7. ya poor sole. 39. your just a kid. most of us guys started out on fs 1 doing those mail runs. And what we have today is progress compared to those days. trust me.
  8. I also agree. xEnviro is a sign of awesomeness. Is it perfect, no. BUT it's only version 1. And it already blows away competition. So imagine what it will be when it reaches version 1.1 etc.
  9. agreed. and it requires alaska region as well. I it was your home airport that you fly out of in real life, i could see justifying this cost, BUT seriously you fly a few times and usually move on to other stuff. I don't know anyone that gets one of these and flies for weeks there, nope. usually load it and fly a few circuits or maybe take off FROM there and then your off to other stuff. So not worth that price to me. I emphasize to me being i know some of you will try to argue my point. This is just that... my point of view.... not trying to argue with those that justify the price to themselves.
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