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  1. Thank God, finally. It is coming before 2019 otherwise I can say I wait for the update from 2018 till 2019
  2. Good birds worth waiting for. Just couldn't help thinking about 737MAX, 787 and other airplane some day in the future
  3. I am sorry, where is the update for 747 V3? I remember it being said that the update might come in early this week. It's Friday now, and I don't see the update in OC
  4. It would probably years of time before the release date. Think of how much time it cost to develop 747 V3, and 747-8 on the basis of 747 V4
  5. Hi buddy, I do hear there is a plan about NG3, what does it actually include may I ask?
  6. Glad to see we're gonna have an update 'cause there is something weird about the sound of engines for 747 and 737 when you switch to view Fly By in Prepar 3D 4.4, the sound doesn't seem natural and nice in Prepar 4.3, Please fix this , just couldn't stand it.
  7. Just got it a few days, great bird it is . Just curious to now what you guys plan to do next? An expansion of 737 MAX, or at least is there a plan to do that ? Many thanks
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