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  1. That. But they also do many military charter transporting troops to/from all parts of earth. This is one of the very recent one https://theaviationist.com/2017/01/14/boeing-747-400-on-a-dod-mission-lands-at-poznan-airport-for-the-first-time-in-history-bringing-300-us-troops-to-poland/
  2. Atlas Air operates in and out of smaller airports due to their charter business. I know they fly from Okinawa, JP to Osan, KR. The only problem is in P3D both airport doesn't have gates
  3. I thought someone was saying month or so ago that we should have a 747v3 group flight when it's released. I don't know where the thread goes however.
  4. Well, it depends on how much reserve you're using. At my airline when there's a fairly long runway (10 - 12,000 ft) in good condition and autobrake 2/3, we can using idle reverse which comes to about 45% N1. We don't always use max reserve due to noise or other reasons.
  5. Can anyone confirm the ILS 16L leak is fixed? I am currently doing KJFK to KSEA with the 777 and T2G KSEA. I loaded up the approach (grant, I loaded it about 2 hours out when I was prepping for my descent) and I saw the VAS usage increase about 200MB in matters of 5 minutes (VAS was pretty solid since departure @ JFK around 3.0). I load up ILS 16R, ILS 16C, and RNAV 16L and none of them seems to have problems with VAS. It stays pretty rock solid @ 3.217G to 3.218G Addons running: AS 2016 + ASCA (sky texture and cloud structure only) + REX Essential Plus (texture @ 1024) FSCaptain Multi Crew Experience FSRealTime vPilot ORBX Global & OpenLC NA
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