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  1. How do you turn off libraries and Object flow? I thought they need to work for Orbx to function correctly. And like I said, I have not problem with FPS and smoothness. Just VAS usage and random CTD
  2. I actually have no problem with FPS/ Smoothness with the sim. When I had it lock at 30 FPS it would stay there in the 777 most every where I go. Grant I don't have a bunch of addons other than the ones I listed. What I have now will give me 50-60 FPS most everywhere as well and like I said the sim is smooth, no microshutter (knock on wood). My only problem so far is with the random CTD that I'm still trying to track down
  3. I just got my computer built by Jetline Systems as my dedicate FS computer. UAC and Defender off, no AV installed, about as vanilla base platform as possible. I installed P3D 3.3.5, PMDG 777, GSX, from Anchorage to Korea (almost 8 hours flight), in the process I tried everything I could to make the sim crash. I tried clicking all the MFDs (Yup, the left PFD, too), going between windowed and full screen, and the sim just keeps going. The VAS usage was about 2.5-2.8G or so and was pretty steady. So I proceed to install the rest of my addons, which includes: FSUIPC registered FTX Global, Vector, OpenLC NA, PFJ & SAK AS 2016 + ASCA (Sky texture & cloud structure only) + REX Essential Plus for texture Multi Crew Experience FSCaptain FSRealTime T2G KSEA iFly 744v2 vPilot WOAI I took a flight couple days later from KJFK to KSEA. I loaded up at default KJFK (other than FTX that affects the area, I have no other addons for JFK and its surrounding). I start off with VAS usage about 2.7G. Took off and proceed uneventfully and I looked at the VAS every 30min to an hour. I again tried to make the sim crash throughout the flight unsuccessfully. However, I can see the usage steadily increasing. About 2 hours away from KSEA, my VAS was up to 3.5. When I turned base to intercept the final approach, FSUIPC started ding. I managed to land and taxi off the runway. When I tried to pull up the GSX menu was when P3D crashed with ntdll.dll Yesterday I did a flight from KSEA to PHNL in the iFly 744. the VAS usage was about 3.2G. Tried to make sim crash again and nothing. The VAS was rock steady at around 3.2 throughout the entire flight. After I restart the computer I started another flight from PHNL to KJFK in the PMDG 777. VAS initially was about 2.7. Took off and went to bed. I woke up and found P3D crashed about 5 hours into the flight. Location was a little east of KLAX. It was a ntdll.dll crash. I started to wonder if there's a memory leak with FTX offerings. I currently attempting to finish the reminder of the flight and I had ORBX!VECTOR_APT, ORBX!VECTOR_OBJ, ORBX!VECTOR_CVX, and ORBX!VECTOR_EXX disable from scenery library. I'll see how that goes. Below are the settings for P3D and various addons
  4. Do you have your frame rate locked or unlimited? I used to have the frame rate at unlimited and use EVGA's Precision to lock frames at 30fps and it was giving me all kind of texture problem (blurry ground texture and won't load up, black livery like yours, etc). I then switch back to lock at 35 in P3D and uninstall EVGA's utility and everything works fine. I'm using a EVGA 980Ti, 8G 2400MHz, and a 4770K @ 4.3
  5. I have been using ASN + REX Essential for a while but I just formatted my computer and thinking about maybe getting the AS2016 & the cloud art. I know the WX Radar on the T7 works with ASN but can any one confirm it'll work with AS2016 as well? Thanks
  6. Hi all, Here's my current spec: i7-4770k @ 4.3 MSI Gaming GTX 770 2G factory OCed 8G G.Skill Ripjaws Z @ 1200Mhz (That's what CPU-Z showing under DRAM Freq. I forgot what I set in BIOS) I recently got the P3D v3.2 and PMDG 777, had ORBX OpenLC for NA and Vector, ActiveSky in the background. I was going into Vancouver, BC (default scenery) and I was getting spikes and texture was flickering pretty badly. Weather was pretty clear that day, very little cloud and no precip. FPS was low teens to single digits. My settings in p3d was medium at best (I forgot the exact settings). I'm wondering if I upgrade to a 980 Ti, will I see some improvement over my current spec?
  7. It will drain the battery. The ext. power switch does nothing more than turning on the annunciator. Also when you put the volt meter to ext power, it's showing "0"
  8. Hi, I'm wondering if anyone have any success with any copilot program that'll work with the 1900. Most of the big-name ones do not have the 1900 listed as compatible, at least yet. Vincent
  9. If you don't turn on the L AC Bus switch (above the GEN & BATT switch), the red light will not come on. I'm not sure why that is. In the C model we don't have the AC Bus switch. Just the 1/2 invertor swtich.
  10. Ohhhh! On the planes we have AP, they're all Sperry SPZ-2000. That one plane is the only one using the Collins system
  11. I'm currently right seat in the C model but regarding your AP/YD problem I think it depends on the set up. My company just bought a C from Africa and the YD cannot disengage from the AP if the AP is engage. Also if you disconnect the AP it will not disconnect the YD unless you use the control wheel disconnect switch. (Found it out the hard way, made a real interesting landing) The ITT does seems off, in the C, which has the PT6A-65B, we cruise at about 700 on the ITT
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