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  1. Hey @RamonB - this isn't going to be specific to the FA50 or your module but hoping you've maybe seen it before. After the latest update to P3DV4, my HSI in GPS mode no longer follows the GTN 750 flight plan. After reading the GTN 750 manual, i came across the section for Changing the AP Flight Plan Navigation Source. However, the instructions simply aren't working for me. "to change the flight plan nagivation course, right-click the source toggle click-spot on any GTN series gauge. An audible tone will sound and your aircraft will turn to follow the flight plan of the next navigation source..." When I right-click what I believe is being referred to as the navigation source which looks like the blue sim card on the top left and get the audible, nothing happens. I tried uninstalling the aircraft as well as the GNT product and starting fresh but same thing happens; the navigations in all aircraft with the GTN are locked to GPS 360. Any ideas from your end if you've seen before maybe? I tried posting in simforums where Flight1 is supposed to provide support but so far nothing. https://www.simforums.com/forums/topic61658_post393544.html#393544 . Just seeing if anyone has seen and knows how to correct at this point. Thanks Mark Carter
  2. Hi Ramon, I've done probably 10 flights now since you've given me the mod and it works great. The only thing I'd say would make this a step better would be instead of two identical GTN750's on capt and FO sides, it would be nice if they worked independently in the sense I can use my utilities > vcalc page on the FO side while keeping my charts up on the capt side but they still utilize the same flight plan. What I've been doing, and has worked great for me, is if you do SHFT + A while in the virtual cockpit and grab the GTN750 on the left side and undock it, and use it as a 2nd GTN750 I can accomplish what I need from it. I'm not sure what all it would take but just merely a recommendation to make this flight deck even more pilot friendly. No issues to report at this time, just the one recommendation if it's at all possible. Thanks Mark
  3. Hi All I have to be missing something but I'm just not certain what it is. I've got an initial cruise altitude of FL430. I dial in the baro, put in my FL + 1,000ft so in this case it's set to FL440 on the turn knob for the pressurization, I verify on the center console on the first officer side that it's locked into auto, but as soon as I go above FL400 (typically around there), my cabin alarm starts going off because the auto feature is no longer keeping cabin altitude. I manually have to change the rate knob to make the cabin decrease to stay around the 7,500ft cabin altitude range. The simple question... what am I doing wrong? I've watched some youtube videos to which I never see what people actually dial into the pressurization knob so I can't see what maybe I'm missing there. On the normal procedures check list, i see page 6 > center > cabin pressure > rate knob = white dot, baro setting 29.92, cabin 0ft. Then on page 14 it just has cabin pressure controller = set. Page 18 again is just cabin pressure = checked. Let me know what other questions may arise. Thank in advance. Mark Carter
  4. I ran the VAS program as outlined by PMDG's knowledge index. w/o 777, it got to 1,973,648k so well within range. With the 777 installed it hit 2,384,528K; again well within range. So I did the following: uninstall GSX, (777 not installed), delete the fsx.cfg, shaders, and scenery/facilities indexes, installed 777 - HIGHMEM in place after manual insertion. Doesn't appear it auto did it but like the manual indicated, may not. Honestly, I may have missed it. I know last time I had to do reformats I had it there but seems I completely forgot about it. So I loaded fsx with PMDG 777, let everything initialize and stabilize, restarted PC, installed GSX, loaded fsx and noticed displays as they should have been. A million thanks to everyone to the advice. I greatly appreciate all of your time in assisting. I figured it had to be something simple because they worked perfectly fine before with no issues. Again, thank you all.
  5. Hi Mike, Just being installed, the issue can be seen. As soon as it's uninstalled, back to normal. So if I fly pmdg 737 without it installed, no issues what so ever. If pmdg 777 installed but I'm still flying the 737, I get the same issue of floating gsx objects.
  6. Hi Kyle Backing up, I got a new SSD so first format was to use the HD. After installing everything, I noticed this texture issue. As I had over 15 total items installed, I needed to better identify what could be causing the issue. So I did a reformat so I could start fresh and test. The last reformat was to clear everything after I isolated the "action" of adding pmdg 777. So I now have just fsx, pmdg 737, GSX installed. I did have the 777 installed but I uninstalled when I saw the texture issue again. With the 777 uninstalled, the system is fine. My formats weren't to clear the problem, but to isolate. Once I could isolate then I could better research my options. That's why I came to the forum versus opening a service request. I highly doubt, as I know you're very confident, that it's pmdg. My issue is that just something between the two don't agree with each other and that's where I was looking for help. I have exercised my limited knowledge of fsx troubleshooting. While Kevin's recommended item is valid, I have no other addons that would be drawing VAS. I know pmdg probably gets a lot of complaints and can be frustrating but yes, I do feel your very first sentence was belittling. But that's irrevant because it was your honest truth just perceived differently than you thought. I'm over it. Some forums talk about this issue could be relating to advanced animations, which I have my doubts about. Doesn't PMDG recommend this enabled? I believe I recall this in the recommendations section of the manual. I will go to fsdt over this too but my original post again was more open discussion seeing if other pmdg users experienced similar behavior and recommendations as to what to look for because outside of the shaders and scenery/facility indexes, I personally don't have a lot of troubleshooting experience with fsx. Thanks Mark carter
  7. I guess I also need to be more clear in I'm not trying to point blame. Simply provided my troubleshooting steps, and asked two questions. Has anyone seen this before? And are there any recommendations? I never had this before and used both PMDG and GSX. Just looking for any guidance if possible. Public shame/belittling not what I was looking for.
  8. Hi Kyle, i appreciate your opinion regarding reformats, despite it being slightly demeaning. My process to isolate was indeed to start fresh. The first time I did the reformat after 5 years was I installed items, loaded to ensure in fsx they loaded properly. It wasn't until I was done I noticed this issue. I had multiple sceneries and plane addons that I couldn't accurately start pointing a finger at something. So yes, my strategy was to reformat and try to isolate. Additionally it was necessary since I obtained a new SSD so the first one was required. Do you have any recommendations as to what to check for maybe? Because at this point my sim is nothing more than fsx w/ sp1&2, gsx and pmdg 737. At this point all that is on my system is fsx w/ sp1&2, gsx and pmdg 737. No reason memory should be in excessive usage here.
  9. I will retract... It is something I never would have guessed. I did another reformat, installed FSX + SP1 + SP2 and GSX only. GSX worked perfectly. Installed PMDG 737, and everything continued to work great. Installed PMDG 777 and issue arose. I had not yet added a single scenery, FSUIPC or any other addon. So the issue actually isn't with TS KMCI (thankfully). As soon as I uninstalled the 777, issue went away. So I have isolated it to specifically the 777 and not the scenery. I never had this issue before so it's something new, but with the same exact setup. I do know FSDT uses a different front-end install interface than when I had last done my format back in 2011 so I'm not sure if they updated something that between my video card/PMDG777/FSDT GSX just doesn't like.
  10. The last time I did a computer reformat was 2011 and i just recently did one. After a total of 3 re-formats, i finally narrowed down the problem i was experiencing. I had FSDT GSX installed which works fine with the PMDG 737. As soon as I installed the PMDG 777, I noticed I now had floating objects. The ground service vehicles would be the guy floating and might have 4 wheels while tugging the baggage carts. The fuel truck was just a guy with a shadow below. Additionally after flights > 2 hours ( best I could figure without doing an extensive amount of flight tests- same results on 4 flights over 2 hours, different results after flights around an hour), the airport textures would be missing. This included the runway center line, threshold lines, everything. The terminal building may or may not have been there entirely (not addon). If the flight was only about an hour in length, I didn't notice any issues at all regarding the airport markings, but gsx would still be corrupt. I ensured my gtx 690 had the latest drivers, that I had downloaded both the latest versions of FSDT and PMDG showed no updates in the ops center. Has anyone seen this before? I essentially cannot fly the 777 without it some how corrupting textures. Items tried: delete fsx.cfg delete shader and shader10 files delete scenery indexes and facilities indexes after pmdg 777 install, re-install gsx uninstall 777 and uninstall gsx, install 777 then gsx and then re-do steps 1-3 above No combinations of anything above work. Looking for any assistance if anyone has recommendations. Regards Mark Carter
  11. Yup - did fsx.cfg delete, deleted the two shader files and the facilities/scenery indexes. No bueno.
  12. another thing to add, as soon as i installed Tropicalsim KMCI it can corrupt you FSDT GSX textures. I've read some posts online and it sounds like it's possible it shares? information in the fsx.cfg file. I had to reformat hard drive and all of my FSDT stuff works fine but as soon as I install KMCI, the ground serves may become floating objects, the vehicles don't appear but are pulling the baggage carts, a real bummer for me. There's no fix for this other than to choose which addon you want to use i guess...
  13. Hi Bert Is that the change that will remove the ding? because I get it as low as 20,000ft. I'm not sure how to upload a picture here but got a shot of climbing through 35,000ft and the ding keeps going off. I'm with Murphym1988 on, why doesn't the CAS notify you of this? It's just a ding and until you turn on something like the ENG 1 Ice Protection switch, you would never know what it was. Once i flipped that on, the CAS appeared and notified me of what it specifically was. Thanks in advance Mark Carter
  14. Carenado got back to me on this... it's a known defect and said it is to be fixed asap. We'll see.
  15. Hello all, I am running the Carenado Phenom 300 w/ the G1000 navigraph addon. Since applying the add-on, I've noticed that I no longer have moving map identifiers. I can see the airport markings and airspace, but no airport identifiers, navaids or my waypoints on my route. I tried uninstalling and re-installing but have the same outcome. I am not sure what I may have clicked because I've gone through the Menu settings, the map settings and I can't find anything that toggles on/off for this but clearly not to say it doesn't exist. It's for sure not the dcltr option. I tried clicking, clicking & holding the dflt map button but that does change anything on the screen. I do note that my Inset on my PFD has the lables of the identifiers correctly. I'm out of ideas and looking for any help. Thanks, Mark Carter
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