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  1. I actually winged over avoiding the fuzz on the one I posted originally, but by leaning it early I was able to fly the whole 80+ miles (?) with only 12% fuel. I landed at ford island with 2% left. Fun thing was when I hit Honolulu mainland and had to climb, I'd 4gotten to put mixture back up to 100%.... Had to circle away from ford island direction, climbed a gap and screamed down mountains, flew a valley/river, screenshotted my under bridge maneuver and then pitched up, deployed full flaps, rolled right and landed at ford island. Love this game, and don't even have alaska yet!!!!
  2. Hey, while down under still waits for ALaska, I've been flying clandestines when I find them. Took off a bit light. Have leaned mixture back to 10%, airspeed 126kts, 7 % fuel left, 37.6 miles (?) left. Never really thought about it before this flight that u can lean the mixture that much! In real world, at 900ft, would you get such good economy? What would happen to engine? Anything bad?
  3. Off topic - wats record for most readers of a topic simultaneously?
  4. Does this mean my saitek issues are more than just me improperly trimming...
  5. Explain... I know I can trim plane using the Shift-up or -down. I didn't actually try it at the time, but I will say the pitch up seems very unlikely to be fixed by that idea. I am a newb though... any other possible causes?
  6. 1st ever new topic post... definite newb! Have been a successful mouse pilot up til now. Just plugged in my saitek cyborg evo force and thought I'd try it out in Flight. Took off from Honolulu and had to fight the software wanting to pitch my nose up for 5 minutes before I quit in disgust. Please advise me of possible remedies to fix the saitek cyborg evo force pitch up problem. Off-topic - I love the helpful and friendly attitudes of 99.9% of ppl on AVSIM! Love your work!
  7. $50 aussie for Alaska with two new VC ac = sold!
  8. 1st post ever. Flight to me is not a stepping stone. At the tender age of 37, I am enjoying going to work(the school i teach at) and discussing VOR and ILS with some of my students, learning how the Maule doesn't like yank/bank landings, and doing touch n go in the Honolulu canal. DLC is what MS has chosen, and you either pay to play, or you go somewhere else!!! I have watched the criticism from afar (down under) and I am also impatient for Alaska, VC aircraft ( I have one warbird), and the other gizmos that flight is currently missing. The differences are: 1: I don't have an expectation that MS will listen to me whining, And 2: Caveat Emptor. I downloaded flight, then went and bought it for what they told me WAS in it, not what I WANTED in it. You can call me a Newb (last flight sim I bought was F18 on Amiga!!!) but I've bought many games off Steam or in the shops, and never complained about what wasn't in the game. I'm too focussed on enjoying it.
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