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  1. Excited to see KORD getting an update! Wishing this team a ton of success!
  2. Would be a cool feature for sure! Especially now that they are not restricted to 32bit, could probably add more features too. Would be awesome if it could somehow interface with Vatsim/vPilot for NAT crossings similar to this article: http://aerosavvy.com/north-atlantic-tracks/
  3. Would be a dream come true! I love the 764 (I know only a few operators, but it's my favorite bird and is close to the 777). Would equally love if they did the ERJ-175 series... My only hope is they stick to aircraft in the last 2 decades...historicals are fun, but just not what I typically sim.
  4. Great news! I always get excited when I read these posts :) Wonder what's next down the road. Scimitar winglets for the NGX? 767-400? Sounds great to me :)
  5. I messaged the folks at Blue Sky Star and understand they're working on a version, but not sure on a timeline. I think theirs are the best:
  6. I'm also disappointed with the default sounds released with this product, and also hope Blue Sky Star releases an improvement. Their other packages are amazing and immersive! I agree. I think they almost feel rushed or incomplete. Something is missing. TSS's newly released E175 sounds are spot on excellent - I suppose I was expecting something similar with this product. Love how they were able to change the sound effect based upon camera location with that product (ie: more engine noise near the front of the engine and more "rumble" behind the wing.) Amazing! I suppose it's a challenge for developers to please everyone - I do know the CR7/9 is rather quiet up front in terms of engine noise, though.
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