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  1. There are many new players on the road creating freeware scenery and aircraft mods for the MSFS. Not only a few of them are of questionable quality. But the MSFS community applauts and is excepting almost everything. The large availabilty of freeware will depress market prices for profesional designed products. So my guess is, that some of the companies who do not care the P3D market anymore because of the MSFS hype will reufully return. But the community might not forget their absence. Nothing is more expensive than shortsightedness. Ruediger
  2. No reason to leave P3D V5 for the new MSFS2020. As long as their is no way of a full hardware cockpit integration (in my case B738) it's not more than a nice arcade game, people can play with a joystick.
  3. I got FFTF installed now and it's running. Finally I could install and run FFTF with the following procedure: - Starting the installation program with user rights (not with admin rights, as one would usually do) - Terminating the installation program after the installation of FFTF (not continue with lauching FFTF from the installation program) - Starting FFTF as user and perfoming the licence activation (will not work with admin rights) - Terminating FFTF and launching FFTF with administration rights (required, otherwise FFTF will complain if P3D V5 is started with admin rights) However, it works now after spending some time to get it running.
  4. I will give it a test....
  5. I did all install attemps with admin right. No success. Always the 00000002 error.
  6. As I reported already (serveral times) back via your ticket system. Same problem as before. It does not helps to do the same again and again
  7. Got the same response from Achilles. Did not solve the problem. I don't think he's seriously looking for a solution.
  8. I raised a ticked, too. But no answer yet. Checked the WINDOWS eventlog. The Activation.exe causes a System.IO.FileLoad Exception.
  9. I did already. Reloaded the installer an hour ago. Same problem.
  10. Bought FFTF yesterday. Downloaded version from Simmarket. With launching the program (after installation) the error 0000002 appears (required file not found). Installed as administrator, PC rebooted, uninstalled and installed again. Still the same problem. Very disappointed 😞
  11. Rob, could yo explain what the issue is with the SimConnect.cfg in the document folder. Thanks! Ruediger
  12. I can not understand the motivation to ruin a good flight simulator with tweaks. As long as you do not exactly know what the (hidden) concequences of the tweak are, keep your fingers away.
  13. Does FSReborn's AI Lights Reborn Professional also enhance the IVAO and VATSIM AI traffic? Ruediger
  14. Prepare3D is a professional software and not for private entertainment. For professional software it is very common to pay a recurring mainentance fess, pay for support, and pay for upgrades. If someone is not willing or able to pay for that, make it easy for yourself and rollback to FSX or FS9. The discussion whether V3.0 is actually a V2.6 is absolutely useless and pettifogging. Ruediger
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