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  1. You can, buy an additional P3D licence or uninstall P3D on your deskop (Client only). 🙂 Ruediger
  2. I had a similar issue with an other scenery. The problem could be solved by installing the scenery from a local PC drive, not from a network drive as I did before. Ruediger
  3. Well, possibly I'm doing something wrong. I have P3D runing in a full blown B737 home cockpit. Start P3D and Add-on software, Batt switch 'ON' at the Ovhd and flying. No maintenance required. Do I miss someting? Ruediger
  4. Does anyone has problems with ViewGroups and SinglePass rendering? Most of the time (7 of 10) P3D V5.2 HF 1 crashes to the desktop when I load an other airport. With SinglePass Rendering OFF everything is stable. GTX 1080TI 11 GB, 16GB Ram. Rüediger
  5. Be carefull with positive statements here. Not always appreciated 🙂
  6. I have sent a mail to the FFTF support yesterday. No answer 😞 Ruediger
  7. Today I updated from 5.1 to 5.2. My initial impression is very positiv. Updated components: - P3D Client - P3D Content - P3D.cfg and shaders deleted - ActiveSky P3D - ASA (not sure if this still makes sense with EA) - AI Lights Reborn - ViewGroups and SinglePass configuration was takenover from 5.1 Pro: - EA seems to be much improved compared to 5.1 - Dynamic lights artifacts I was faced to are history - Lower framerate (at least on ground), but very smooth - Color shade more natural (to achieve these I was using a tweak with 5.1) - New menu to change Dynamic lights setting live - Taxi lights and landing lights illuminate the ground much better than with 5.1. - Spot test of some AddOn airports. No problems encountered Cons: Thunder lightning looks not very natural (in plain language said it's a disaster) Waiting for an update of FFTF Dynamic. The noted lower frame rate might be related to this issue. Ruediger
  8. I will stay with P3D. Of course, there is still a lot of room for improvement with P3D, as there is with MSFS. Until the next P3D update I enjoy my flight simulator hobby and I will not be angry about every bug in P3D and not get into collecting all bugs. This is certainly more relaxing than waiting daily for a P3D update or posts from the LM P3D development team. Ruediger
  9. It's simple. Use 'ViewGroups". Ruediger
  10. Every software release process requires resources. This is also true for small updates. For large development teams like ASOBO / MS this may be planned for. For small teams, and I guess LM is a rather small team compared to ASOBO / MS, this is not feasible. Ruediger
  11. I bought EDDP from DigitalDesign a few month ago. I was also faced to an elevation problem. The DigitalDesign support was very helpful and sent me a fix. Problem seems at some installations the coexistence with Orbx Germany North. Ruediger
  12. For me the view groups work perfect. No complain about it. But of course, each flightsim setup is diffferent and has it's own challenges. Ruediger
  13. Hi Peter, I have sent you a PM. Ruediger
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