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  1. I sent a e.mail to LHSimulations some weeks ago. Some days later the developer sent me a modified version for P3D V6. Unfortunately that version had some installation problems, some paths where not found. I tried to contact him again, no response. Ruediger
  2. You don't need to sit in front of the PC while the update is running.
  3. Have you any numbers? Ruediger
  4. Unfortunately I don't have a i9 12900K, but only an i7-8700@5GHz and GTX1080Ti with 3 projectors, so FFTF gives a boost of ~8 fps at complex airports. Not very much, but clearly noticeable. Ruediger
  5. FFTF DYNAMIC is now available for P3DV6. Bought it today. Works perfect for me as previous version did. Ruediger
  6. This debate about the beta version and pricing should finally come to an end. With the beta version HiFiSim has made an offer and it is up to everyone to use this offer or not. I personally have gladly accepted the offer and get along well with the beta version. Not everything is perfect yet, but I am confident that HiFiSim will release a very good product in the end. Suggestion: All negative people should maybe have their own thread where they can hype each other up. I won't get many likes for this statement, but the discussion here just annoying. Ruediger
  7. FSUIPC v6.2.0 available for P3D V6, MakeRunways is pending because it needs an update of Lorby's SceneryExporter https://forum.simflight.com/topic/97707-p3d-version-6/ Great news, many thanks to John Dowson! Ruediger
  8. I'm not familiar with FS2020, but have some experience with P3D view groups. I have some doubts that with the listed hardware configuration 30+ fps with 3 4k displays are achievable. The displays might have 4K but I assume the the resolution settings at the flight simulator are much less than 4K and the displays doing up scaling. Ruediger
  9. I can't imagine that a reasonable frame rate can be achieved with 3 displays in 4K resolution. Ruediger
  10. You can, buy an additional P3D licence or uninstall P3D on your deskop (Client only). 🙂 Ruediger
  11. I had a similar issue with an other scenery. The problem could be solved by installing the scenery from a local PC drive, not from a network drive as I did before. Ruediger
  12. Well, possibly I'm doing something wrong. I have P3D runing in a full blown B737 home cockpit. Start P3D and Add-on software, Batt switch 'ON' at the Ovhd and flying. No maintenance required. Do I miss someting? Ruediger
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