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  1. I fly in windowed mode and with the menu bar showing along the top. When I want to video a flight, I first record it with FS Recorder and save the file. I then make sure my aircraft is located at the same starting airport or airfield as in the recording (important). I then start playing back the recording and immediately hit Alt-Enter. That removes all the bars and borders. I then start recording it with Fraps. When finished, I hit Alt-Enter again to return to the original settings. Using FS Recorder means you can change the viewpoints and angles during the playback, independently of any angles you used during the original flight. You can also set the FS Recorder file to playback your recording as traffic, which allows you to fly another aircraft alongside your original one.
  2. Dougflyer

    TBM 850 Review

    That reverse-thrust behaviour is exactly what I experience with my other turboprop aircraft, but not with this one. This one just keeps rolling along, despite me holding down F2. However, thanks for pointing out that it is working for you, so I can start looking at things at my end. I also found some sensitivity in keeping the wings level on approach. It wasn't a biggie, it's handleable but I might try reducing the roll a little. That is interesting about the Malibu .air file and not very inspiring as far as Carenado are concerned, if that is the case.
  3. Dougflyer

    TBM 850 Review

    I can live with the G1000 as long as the various bugs are fixed, but the big killer for me is the missing top cruise speeds. I am very surprised that Carenado could continue to advertise the TBM850's speed on release, yet miss it by such a large amount. Surely they must have known about the error. However, thanks to Cactus521's "fix" posted on page 3 of this thread, at least I'm now enjoying flying this aircraft more like it should be. I'm using a value of 37 at the moment, which reduces excess speed at low levels a little without significantly affecting the top speed. For me, that is a reasonable compromise for now. Incidentally, I am not experiencing any problems with slowing down on descent and approach. Another issue is that I'm not finding reverse-thrust very effective on landing and I'm not even sure if it is working at all? This was the case even before I made the speed "fix".