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  1. Alright for some reason i'm trying to fly my flight plan and when i impute a heading or i toggle V-NAV the aircraft light AP/PRST lights up and the heading or V-NAV shuts off. Also on my PFD i see CWS R. I'm very confused and when I reset the autopilot it happens over and over. So can anyone tell me why this is happening and what i can do!
  2. Well if its un-realistic than im open to a software to make it better.
  3. Thanks guys so heres an example. KJFK to KBOS I fly this route... KJFK CCC KBOS ATC headings would lead me to CCC? Should I just fly to CCC and see what ATC says...still kinda confused! btw Boeing 737-800
  4. Okay so I want to fly and IFR flight plan and I go the way points and set them in my GPS. But ATC gives me headings instead of allowing me to fly my route. Are the headings I get corresponding with my flight plan? Should I just use the headings or just use my flight plan? Help!!!
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