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  1. Ok I managed to make it hover, but i also found out that i must reduce weight quite a bit or it beeps on me.
  2. Well, I have been incapable of hovering. If I get stationary(which is only possible with a high pitched nose) I loose altitude. If i increase throttle I wont hover, the aircraft will start moving forward loosing or gaining altitude depending on the amount of throttle. i kinda figured out that im supposed to press something else, im not sure what though :huh:
  3. The model is excelent and the interior is very good although it you can see its flaws up close. Im not sure about its physics though, you know, in V/STOL. I thought it could hover pretty much like a harrier. beyond that, awesome work. PS: hmmm now i wonder if there are other freeware as good as this.
  4. I wholeheartedly agree. aerofly got me hooked since i heard of its release and took a peek on screenies and vids. if theres a game that can take FSXs place regarding friendly user inderface, challenges/missions then AeroFlyFS is the one. no F2P beats a good full purchase, or atleast thats what i have experienced so far.
  5. i don't feel i am pushed to get in the purchase cycle. i was planning to get in DCS before i found out that DCS world gone free2play anyway. Even if it gives you just one aircraft there's a fair amount of depth and complexity to it as well as content. you can make your own missions or campaigns, download other people's campaigns videos and everything with the only restrictive factor beign that you can ony fly the SU-25T. taking into account that military simulators have always centred around one aircraft per game that's a very good deal for one player(especially an introvert player like me).
  6. actually i reached tier V tanks and it turned out that it was impossible to maintain my M18 hellcat and making an acceptable income even after an excelent performance on the field, add frequent users of premium ammo and you have me quit knowing that my next tank destroyer will require me to take a cunningham and grind for maitenance money. im sorry, but WoT is one of the worst examples of F2P(though im unaware if this has changed now since its been a long time i quited) Lasting well? I tell ya, better go buy a few tons of wood. They last longer than trying to warm yourself by throwing money directly into the fireplace. Its cheaper too.
  7. Let me clarify. FSX is ideal despite having issues that i have to tolarate if i can't fix. X-plane is missing the things i want. Yes it is realistic, but the User Interface require a lot of work(i know, i played the demo) and theres a lack of game like features. for instance FSX has its missions and challenges. X-plane has nothing on this subject. Simply put i like features found on games in a hardcore flight sim. FSX has its issues, but its still a fairly realistic sim that can give you a bang for your buck. unfortunately i disagree with "flight has those". Indeed flight is very user friendly, but i cant say that its hardcore friendly. It is realistic up to a point, but it stays on the safe forgiving path. i really tried to overstress the aircraft, but no, and there seems to be no way to go into an uncontrolable spin. and beyond that, no AI, no ships or cars yada yada yada thinks that had been said a hundred times over. The best would be to take the good of FSX and Flight and add them together.
  8. FSX is sort of an ideal sim for me. It has anything i want from a sim. most of all i love the incentive it gives you to progress. Missions for example pit you against possible real life scenarios that you have to face in a realistic manner even if the game had its quirks at the realism part(still though it is not a child's play). Also the UI was very usable. the only drawbacks it has are its awful technical issues, delays, bugs, glitches that need some work arounds. with Flight i expected, well, more! I expected it to be more beautiful. more refined, with all sorts of secrets(like hidden and unlockable planes for example) and goodies, feature rich with a career mode even. the only thing that gets close to describing it is the grand turismo of flight sims. what i got was just a grindfest with the same missions\challenges over and over and a lack of content that drove me nuts! just 2 hours into Flight and the game has given me averything it has, and no, i will not buy extra content. I prefer my games to be full. Physics are not realistic enough to promote experimantation, and missions can get fairly repetetive. People do not understand when i tell them this. they all go "get X-plane/P3D" or "sims are not for you get flight". I don't want X-plane because its UI's Bad and there is no progression. Its plainly a simulator. P3D on the otherhand is STRICLY business, specialy made for professional use and costs a lot. Flight? well, its lack of content and repetetivenes are overwhelming and its NOT REALISTIC ENOUGH. I want realism that will take my joystick and smash it on my head, what part of this people don't understnd?
  9. NO! and again, NO! No way, na ha. MS made a mess with its biggest franchises, and closed her most historical studios. She closed Ensable. Age of empires turned to a F2P, some said its good, but even if it is, its not AoE. Aces was next, and what do you know, MSFS turns to freemium in the form of flight(A GLORIFIED DEMO REALLY). There is no way you getting any likes from me and besides i don't even have an FB account. turn your attention elsewhere
  10. BFFFFHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! That cracked me up big time :lol:. the part when he starts screaming.....oh god!
  11. if drunk drivers weren't enough. Can you imagine? "the department of public transport warns, "dont drink and fly"".
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