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    GA ATC

    I fly only GA equipment - A2A C182, RealAir Turbine Duke, Just Flight Piper Arrow, etc. within P3D v4.5 and I wondered if any of you have any suggestions as to the best add-on ATC program to use. Obviously, with this kind of 'flying', SIDs and STARs are unnecessary and most of the flight planning capacity in the likes of ProATC and others is again unnecessary for me but I would like to get away from the default ATC. I appreciate that there's also on-line ATC like VATSim and IVAO but I'd like to get used to just talking to the computer before I start talking in the 'real' world. Any ideas anyone? Cheers
  2. Highflyer48

    P3D Pilot Records

    I've been running P3D for a few days with no problems and installed Ultimate Traffic 2 yesterday using information from my computer builder and a video on YouTube. The install worked and I'm no longer alone in the sky. However, in the two flights I've made since the install, I've noticed that neither flight has been recorded in Pilot Records/Logbook. I did delete my first five flights from the logbook after the initial P3D install which recorded fully - unfortunately all ending in crashes because of incorrect controls setup. Now I've got everything running well I would like to record my flight hours etc. but I can't for some reason. Is it possible that whilst installing UT2 I might have changed a config file somewhere and caused a corruption in Pilot Records? As far as I am aware, I've made no changes other than those to get UT2 up and running. Hoping for a response Cheers
  3. Highflyer48

    Traffic Optimizer for P3D

    I see that at least two people are using UT2 with Prepar3d yet Flight 1 say it can't be done! I currently fly FSX with UT2 and am about to move across to P3D V3. Since some of you are using UT2 can you point me to the appropriate instructions to how it can be done. Thanks Ray