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  1. ... that is correct. My MCDU worked for 8 weeks .... since that I wait round about 8 month for spareparts to fix it myself cause it stopped working due to bad quality on the circuit board and the mounted stuff on it ... kind of loose ..... the support is very annoying .... for me it feels that I lost my money ... round about 500 € 😞 ... Greets CptBayer
  2. Hi MArcel, V1 and rotate came after reaching V2 ..... today it worked as it should.... I wil keep an eye on it ... greets klaus
  3. Hi Manuel, additional infos: Due to get issues with my cpflight hardware, I updated FSUIPC and WASM stuff to latest versions. The error message didn´t appear after new installation. But still issues with fs2crew for the FBW bus. Callouts during takeoff (100, V1, rotate) are much to late and repeating a few times. greets Klaus
  4. Hi Manuel, yeah, every time .... 😞 greets Klaus
  5. hi developers... I am using your Fs2Crew for the FBW A 320.Till todayI hadn´t any warning message when starting the software. As well since the last SU 9 everything went fine. For the FBW bus there are a lot of updates in a row. Since today I got a warning message from Fs2Crew as follows: "Unable to read aircraft and simulation data via the FS2Crew WASM module. FS2Crew will not function properly. To help avoid WASM error, only load FS2Crew while in the cockpit. I can say that I load it while in the cockpit, but the error massage came every time?! What might be theproblem? I didn´t change anything belonging to FSUIPC and WASM and so on .. greets Klaus ..... "
  6. hi, I did a post in the FBW discord. They told me that they don´t have error messages coded. And the error message window came from FS2Crew .... So I thought it is the right way to check this out with FS2Crew stuff/support ?! I´ll go to your discord channel and will share that issue ... greets Klaus
  7. Hi Bryan, after todays leg no CTD.... Was wondering cause the error message after the CTD is from FBW .... how to upload screen shoots? I think the error code is the key to the issue?! greets Klaus
  8. Hi byork, thanx for the answer .... interresting ... might be a problem of a combination of FS2Crew and FBW airbus? Is there any other possibility to add a picture apart from uploading via an url? I got an error dialogue box but without a "view details button" ?! greets Klaus
  9. Hi Manuel, yeah... MSFS did also crash ..... it was a mysterious sound during descentand I know this issue ... it is alwaysshort of a CTD :- ( ..... Does anyone can find out with the error message what the issue might be? From my feeling it might be a problem with a sound file ?! Maybe the announcment from the flight deck during descent phase ?! greets Klaus
  10. Hi Fs2Crew team, had a leg with the latest dev version of FBW A 320 today and got a CTD with an error message afterwards of FS2Crew software ... any ideas what the reason might be? Error message: Ausnahme von HRESULT: 0wC000014B (sorry, don´t know how to upload a picture. I did a screenshoot of the error message) greets Klaus
  11. Ok.... solved it myself...... MS was anyhow in pushback mode.... so after pressing "stop pushback" stearing works again ..... by the way .... nice tool 🙂 greets Klaus
  12. Hi, todaqy is my first try with FS2Crew since long years..... Is there a invisible gear pin? I can´t stear my aircraft during taxi! I have rudders and as well set the rudder axis to my TCA Sidestick to simulate a kind of tiller. If I move it the rudder is moving but not the plane. What might be the mistake? greets Klaus
  13. Hi developers and simmers, is it anyhow planed to let catering and baggage cars on the aircraft till the user give the command to finish work?! It is so unrealistic when the catering truck is only taking 90 seconds to load and unload the trollies ... greets
  14. aha, mine shoes with all installed flightplans 39.901 Airports, 1281 flight plans, 168 sim object... Where does the difference come from ?!?!?! in the simobjects folder of AIG in community there are 117 different folders of aircraft types .... Strange .. greets Klaus
  15. Hi, mostly same experinece on my system. I have an Ryzen 3800XT with a RTX 3090. I am angry, that only so less VRAM is used by the sim. I am still not running in 4K. This will follow in the future. Then the mass of VRAM is hopefully usefull. I also fly everthing in ultra or highest possible values. After installing all flightplans (took round about 5 hours and 30 minutes) and set traffic to 100 % I did some testing at big airports like EDDF, kORD, KEWR and so on... I had only during injecting fps drops up to 6-7. I am running at 30 frames locked. After loading I can see a drop of 0,5-1,0 frames.... That s quite good. :-)... I reduced during flying to round about 70 %. Reason for that is the beta version and the horrible behaviour of AI traffic (thanx Asobo). Hope they will give out the whole SDK so some people could code some usefull tools like AI Smooth and so on ... I tuned the LOD o ground back to 200. At big airports 400 is not workong ... On cruise level or during climb I can pump it up back to 400 without stuttering. I did the test at KDFW. LOD 400 stuttering extremely with 22 fps. LOD 200, no stuttering with 30 frames locked. greets Klaus
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