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  1. hi, if your talking about AVSIM , yes thats the good one. always the same....also always same face....ahahahaahah bye,
  2. hi, surely it would be a great pleasure for me...ahahahahaah......wether or not ouffffff....mean its so hard, it so boring, o annoying, ...or oh my god,,,ouch...etc...anyway im feeling good with it .....oufffff its now time to go. ahahahaahaah bye, lucien
  3. hello, WOWWW.....thank you very much. this make me very happy to know. i am retired and having so much fun with it, Also i see and i saw that FS++ employees you are making a super great job and dont forget your customers. MCE EXPERIENCE......IM EAAATING IT makes me forgot the so negative things that happen to us everyday. Oups.....forgot to go to the store buying milk.....ouffffff...i am from Montreal, Quebec, beggining to be cold here ....2 C this morning .winterrrrrrrrrrrrr.......ahahahaahah thank you again, have a nice day.
  4. hi, thank you for your advise. im doing different tests and that is what i do regarding your number 1 and 2. but maybe im wrong , but i didnt saw any information about the changes, and i saw and see many customers whos shouting because they searching for Simon ???? maybe they dont search very well, i dont know. but if there are 16 or more ramp agents is it possible to know who they are ???? or is it a random choice ??? sometimes it will be Brian another time maybe it will be Robert ??? as soon a we ask for a ramp agent it doesnt matter who it is ??? i dont know, just thinking. of this. is it possible to know whats the changes when there is a new update ??? not the technical one but the new ramp agents etc....we know about the mechanics and co pilots but not for the others if there is for witch im sure. if i ask for a coffee and i see someone appear beside me dont matter if its a man or a woman be sure im gonna step up the window and run ahahahaha. also i found that we really have to practice the voices because, if i ask the ramp or mechanic...REQUEST DEBOARDING.....if i say DE boarding nothing happen, but if i say DI boarding the ramp agent immediately do what i ask. thank you very much , have a nice day,
  5. hello, made some tests.......if i install last MCE...after last GSX........its working but.... I USE IFLY 737, if i ask ..flight attendant to open the doors she open solely left front door, but...if i ask her to open right front door she open it and open also left aft door.,but,,if i ask her to open right aft door she doesnt open it. also, for the cargo doors, ..if i ask ground mechanic open cargo doors, he open it,,,if i ask him to close the cargo doors, he doenst close it, but if i ask him again to open it, he close it ??? very weird ??? for simon, roberto doesnt work anymore, they been laid off maybe, now its BRIAN. the ramp coordinator. with PMDG 737 everything is working fine with MCE and GSX, but sometimes have to repeat what i am saying. test and test and trying, thats the secret. anyway its fun when its working, thank you, lucien,
  6. hello. i have the latest version of multicrew experience 2.6.80 on fsx. i start GSX with ctrl-f12 if i ask to Ground, maintenance,assistance, mechanic, or technicien, to start deboarding they all respond.....ok in one minute....i wait , but then , nothing happen. i search and search, read and read, for a response for this but dont find it. i have lastest version of GSX to. before it was woking with older version of gsx and mce. now it dont. before there was Lee, Simon, Roberto, Despatch, ramp coordinator. ....nothing seems to work now, did i miss something somewere ???? thank you very much for your response. hello, forgot to tell you, the only thing working is the Flight Attendant for opening doors. for the rest nothing seems to work anymore but if i did it manually.GSX is working instead by a voice. thank you, oups, sorry, forget to input my name. Lucien Paquette
  7. lucien


    hello, we have to be patient. PMDG is so big, and so many customers. they are professionals so dont worry about that support will respond when they will resolve the problem. i wasnt patient and a bit to much angry, i have the same problem for the 737 ngx. i made some research and now i understand. i wish they will forgive me for my nervous breakdown. their products are so a big, big ,job. so be patient my friend. lucien paquette
  8. hello, I think we should have a COMPENSATION for this long, very long wait. Over one week now i cannot use over 200 $ of PMDG softwares. its really unbelievable not to be able to use what we already paid for. I am trying not to be angry about that , but its really hard to flap my hands and shout WOWWWW its working. If the new way of activation doesnt work because of so many problems, why you do not install the old way ? With this, every customers will be happy and you just have to do your tests how long as you want and whenever you want and has long has you want. But till then were like suckers who paid and have nothing. Im beginning to be scared because maybe your near a bankruptcy or closing the PMDG site. Many things are passing thru our heads now. My gosh do we have to wait till the next christmas to buy the new products or what ? Tired and tired of waiting. What is this ? An extraterrestrial connection or what ? Are you waiting for a response from the aliens ? If and IF one day the problem is resolved you should make a FREE software that if something happen again in the future happens we will be able to initiate an activation by ourself till the problem doesnt happen again. Sometimes im beginning to think if it would be better for me or some of us to download some pirate copys, because it will WORK. OUFFFFF, what a mess. i wish not all ,or if PMDG still exist, employees are not on summer vacations, because we better do some prayers that its not gonna work before september. what can i say more ???? Im feeling a bit better now, till its gonna WORK. lucien paquette
  9. lucien

    validation serial online fail

    thank you very much for your fast response, that is professionnal. i submit two tickets yesterday and didnt receive any response from the support. i understand the piracy problem., and what they do to REAL customers like us. its true many questions are passing thru our head when its impossible to activate our products. so frustating what is happening. i will uninstall PMDG products and re install , and will see if that correct the problem, otherwise i will wait for PMDG to resolve it. in response to my tickets. thank you,
  10. lucien

    validation serial online fail

    i understand the problems, and i understand that everyone at PMDG maybe they are in panic with all customers waiting to be activated. but... what i dont understand is < if we pay for a product the least is that it should work, why is there a MAXIMUM activation ????? if i renew or having problems with my computer 25 times i want to be able to re install PMDG 25 times without asking the permission to anyone , so why do i have to wait and wait if there is a problem with PMDG but not the softwares itself ???? i understand we have to be patient but its very frustating , and also not having any response from anybody at PMDG. i didint stole or made a holdup at PMDG , not even receive it free, i paid for this. and i want it to work. lucien paquette
  11. lucien

    Unable to Install the PMDG 747-8i Addon

    thank you lucien paqiuette
  12. lucien

    PMDG 747-8

    thank you, that is true, nothing is equal to PMDG, i just read the last PMDG news and for sure i will wait for their update. it would be no logical paying for another company 747 that maye and surely not, woulkd be as nearly perfect than PMDG. i will surely wait. happy new year, lucien paquette, QC,Canada
  13. lucien

    PMDG 747-8

    thank you i understand, were on 2016 now , i have the pmdg fsx 747 and its working great with windows 10. so that mean to buy the 747-8 from another company like AFS....maybe.... happy new year,
  14. lucien

    Unable to Install the PMDG 747-8i Addon

    i remember not long ago the 747-8i extension was a payware addon from pmdg $ 19.99 if i remember but its not there anymore. were is it. we cant even have the fsx 747 liveries, even on the PMDG OPERATIONS CENTER. how and were can buy the PMDG 747-8i ?????. i have the pmdg fsx 747 original and me too the extension 747-8 having the same message. so the only way is to buy it, but were ??????? mysteries...........