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  1. The project is now confirmed on our FB page. 🙂
  2. I agree, this might actually be added as an optional content. The 28C ILS issue is related to the default navaids library and can be quick fixed by putting this file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7wh0xu034w8w9q7/APX24170.bgl?dl=1 into: FS\scenery\0302\scenery . We need to investigate the actual conditions when the problem occurs (it neither occurs for all users nor this occured during our beta tests).
  3. Thanks! No, we won't I am afraid. Keeping everything in one place ensures correct update procedures and generally is much easier to manage.
  4. Hey guys. I advise against manual changes in the files, the installer has been tweaked well to do all the work for you automatically. In theory those three airports are autonomous and can be separately installed but if you find any issues, just let us know and we will fix it (it is impossible to predict everything). Anyway, if you really have a need of manual file deletion 😁, you need to remember about SODE files too ( %programdata%\12bPilot\SODE\sdx ). Jacek, two products are placed in the same folder simply to make the whole package work more efficient / share textures etc (we did the same in Seattle). You can manage everything via the installer though. An example - in our Polish Airports series there are car parkings in all airports with same car models, but airports are in separate folders so the same car texture needs to be copied f/e 4 times - that is not efficient. With smaller airports this does not really matter but things become different with large/huge/omg-amazingly-huge (KORD) airports.
  5. Negative, not yet I am afraid. You need to wait a little bit more. Fully agree about the static trains.
  6. Ed, apparently you really should try it first. Obviously the goal is to make it visually look like an fps-killer, so don't be fooled by the look only. 😊 For those who happen to have issues with KCGX elevation here is the quick fix (will be implemented in v1.1): https://www.dropbox.com/s/5bgznm0nrllq2bu/CVX_CHI_Mesh.BGL?dl=1 The file should go here: FS\Addon Scenery\Chicago X\Scenery
  7. Before we go to the next city we need to do some updates (and X-Plane releases) but yes, we pretty much know what is going to be next. 😏
  8. Hey. The Airports pack will come a little bit later. Yes, there will be a way to install only selected airports, just like it was in Seattle. :)
  9. Hey. This is not really correct. When our KSEA is deactivated, it also removes our KSEA SODE content, so everything is done automatically and there are no active files left. On the other hand, to de-activate T2G's KSEA you probably need to manually remove their SODE files from C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\xml and C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\Simobjects folders. Or maybe their config panel is able to temporarily disable the airport completely? Obviously, if their SODE jetways are not removed, you are going to see double jetways. For the mesh issues, please make sure that you have AEC (ORBX) disabled for all included airports (or just run AEC and check the result) ...and that our product is on the very top of the scenery list.
  10. Dear Customers, We are working on providing full compatibility with the newest SODE version (v1.6.2). As for now we have prepared for you some SDX files that you can download and test with the newest SODE. SODE v1.6.2 compatible SDX files A particular SDX file is dedicated to a particular project (f/e Polish Airports) or just one airport (f/e KLGA LaGuardia). SDX files should be placed into %programdata%\12bPilot\SODE\sdx\DrzewieckiDesign ( C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\sdx\DrzewieckiDesign ) folder. Please note - gates at KJFK Terminal 8 do not work - this is an expected behaviour so far. Other SDX files will appear at the same link.
  11. There is nothing to solve together - XMLs (SDXs) simply need to be updated/rewritten which obviously will take time for ~40 airports that we have now available. As for now we are unable to leave everything we are working on and just start rewriting XML files but of course eventually this will be done, this simply needs time. We would be very interested in cooperating with an individual experienced in coding SODE XML files. This would definitely speed up the update process. If someone is interested, please contact us at our e-mail.
  12. Hi. FYI: I've just published an updated version of SEA Airports X v1.05 (already available at Simmarket, other stores will follow) and the updated SEA City X v1.05 is currently being uploaded. You will be notified by stores as soon as the new version is available. Changelog: Airports: - Seasons changed to better blend into default and ORBX scenery (winter in January only) - Better GSX compatibility - Additional mesh enhancement for KRNT - Static aircraft now fully compatible with any AI traffic (in v1.0 they were overlapping) - Lower download size (2,4GB instead of 4,5GB) City: - Seasons changed to better blend into default and ORBX scenery (winter in January only) - Harvey Field exclusion - fixed - Fixed Taxi2Gate KSEA compatibility - Slightly lower download size (4,7GB instead of 5,1GB)
  13. Hey. Everything is in the description regarding our DEMOs: "This is a fully functional freeware scenery, perfectly aligned with the full payware version. This ensures no problems with online (VATSIM, IVAO and multiplayer) flying in case some users have the payware scenery and some don't." The original idea was to provide a freeware version for online pilots (VATSIM / IVAO) since problems may occur when pilots use different sceneries online (f/e during taxi). We call it "DEMO" but it is simply a freeware and very simplified version of the commercial product, perfectly alligned with it. Additionally, if you can't spend any $ on payware products you can still have some fun flying around the included area and you can also use it online. I find it to be a fair solution especially for those who simply can not afford commercial products (usually they also have low-performance setups for which our DEMOs are also perfect). In this case a time-limited full-quality demo seems to be quite a "cruel" solution and I am totally against our products to me demonstrated this way. To view the full product you can simply visit https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=drzewiecki+seattle . This gives you a perfect comparison of how the product really performs and looks on various setups (in contrast to promo movies which are designed to show a product "from the best angle").
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