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    Old man. Simming since before FS v1. 3000+ real time hrs. Like the Boeing big iron. If you're younger than 60 I don't trust you and even then it's iffy.

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  1. One more piece to the puzzle. The standby frequency does swap to the active frequency on the MCP-II COM display. Just does not move (swap) the standby frequency to the active window on the sim. I will play with it some more. How do I know I made the standby frequency really active? I entered the ActiveSky ATIS frequency of 122.0 and voila, the ATIS. I will try a flight this evening and see if the window display problem is the only problem. Thanks again! George
  2. Mr. Steiner, THANK YOU SO MUCH! You were right on the money. Yep, that was the answer and your mention jiggled my memory. Still one small problem. Hitting the swap frequency button does switch to the standby frequency, making it the active frequency, but the standby frequency does not move to the active frequency window. The active frequency window doesn't change even when swapping to the standby frequency. The active frequency does move to the standby window though. When swapped again, the standby window goes back. What I'm not saying very well is the active frequency window is frozen on whatever frequency is present when I start the sim. The standby frequency window is changing as it should when I swap frequencies. Any thoughts? Again, thank you so very much! George
  3. Hi, Am having this exact same problem. P3Dv4.4; PMDG 777 for P3D; FSUIPC 5.15 (registered); Linda 3.0.9 v2; Linda module PMDG 777 v1.4. Have been away from FS for awhile, came back and went from P3D v4.2 to 4.4 doing a clean install. It used to work under P3Dv4.2, but now everything is a new release and nada. Have the MCP-II combo for Boeing. Everything else works (EFIS and MCP) except the COM section. I do program the USER buttons on the COM panel and they work properly. Have been down this road before but memory of what I did to fix it is gone. When you've dealt with flight sim issues for 40 years (FS for TRS-80), one forgets. Did the jadolfo get a resolution? Am happy to provide the usual documentation, or any that you may request. Thought I'd start here and hope there is a simple solution. For the record, LINDA is awesome, makes life so much easier. Thanks so much, George
  4. Like he said. No current requirement for P3D but FSX would be nice.
  5. Honestly, are you serious? Personally I've not heard of more than a handful of businesses that want to shy from public contact. Let's just take a hack against this site? THAT could never happen. More than one business has been put out of business with data loss. Data is your biggest asset. I just don't know of any business that puts ALL their faith in one mode of communication. You must have vendors that communicate with you or inquiries from those that want your service or product. Or you might have more were it easy and straight forward. Phone calls and as you say 'snail' mail are still very viable means of business contact. You are of the mind that you are the only business that distributes globally and would have to deal with that fact? I think if you are serious about global engagement you make arrangements operationally to do so. The world IS used to odd hours in order to work with global customers. As is oft said, 'tis a free country, do as you please. I put 'Finis' at the end of my last response, Latin for finished which I pray we are.
  6. That would be fine but how does one contact your business? I googled PMDG and could not find a stated address. On my various receipts I saw Alexandria, VA and Sparks, NV., so if one really wants to correspond with your company, how do they do so? 99% of businesses at least give an address in the Contact Us. Don't need to take information as in a contact ticket, just give a business address, an email address and it would be nice but doubt you have the staff to include a phone number. Seems that's just how it is universally done in this day and age. A trivial web program change. Was looking at Level-D (leveldsim.com). The only thing on their web site is a place to click 'About Level-D'. Click it and nothing happens. And so it goes. Finis
  7. Besides my gumming up the works with multiple logons (it happens when you've lived in 2 countries and 2 states over the last 3 years) this might have been avoided if the "Contact Us" on your product site were monitored. All of this would have been unnecessary. Anyway, thanks for the help.
  8. Have responded to your email with the email account for merging all accounts into a single email. So where does that leave me? Think I understand the larger problem now but am perplexed by the design. When I first tried contacting you the product site did not recognize me. So I (re)registered on your commercial site (as opposed to the support site) and suddenly it knew who I was? Interesting. So I tried to logon to the support site following the link on the account menu page. The support site didn't recognize me so I tried to register there on the support site when it reported that my email was already in the system. Sooo I tried to contact you using the link: https://www.precisionmanuals.com/ProductCart/pc/contact.asp I was in a catch-22. I was recognized by the product site but only recognized in passing in the support site. The support site knew my email. At that point it wasn't a matter of not remembering my support site password, I didn't know or remember the support site userid. Clear as mud huh? Having been a former customer service rep for a computer company, I know what it is to deal with idiots like me. What is perplexing is the necessity for two logons ergo two 'sites' to transact business. Many businesses have one place to enter a ticket with a drop-down menu where you specifiy what the problem is and your system sends the ticket to the right place. Or at a minimum, add an option on the support site to get a forgotten userid in addition to a forgotten password. Your support system blocks an attempt to login if the userid is incorrect, it further blocks if you try to register a new userid IF the email address is already known. I know this is long winded but I'm an idiot, I have to accept that and am probably the only one to have this problem. So thanks very much in advance for your help. Please consider my "problem" in your system design. Certainly one site signon, to me, is preferable to two. No doubt you have business considerations at play here. Am wondering if anyone did see my communication on your product site? So I still do need someway to get into the support site. If you could forward my support site userid to my email, I can use the forgotten password facility to actually be able to log into the support site and see my ticket. Again thanks! Idiots always make your day and as one probably made yours. For that I apologize. I do appreciate your swift response once we made contact. I am a huge fan of your products and hopefully over the next week will make some additional purchases.
  9. Name: George Halvorsen [Account info removed] NO ticket # is given when ticket is submitted. It just says, we'll get back to you.
  10. Have opened 4 tickets over some 3 weeks to find out why my order history is missing on my PMDG account. NOT ONE REPLY. A day or two or three, ok, a week? not good, 3 weeks? Unacceptable. Plus I've found no address or phone number for your company. Am not putting my email address here but respond to this post or leave me a PM as to how I can reach you since you are not answering support tickets.
  11. Very, very nicely done. First rate intro. So good to know the learning curve is small coming from the 747 and perhaps not as small coming from the 757/767 but still in the Boeing big iron family. Thank you Boeing! Very minor question. Would you turn on your VOR L&R as part of the EFIS panel setup? Or would that not be typical?
  12. You can send the hate comments as I'm opening this ancient thread. Have found that I can arm the speedbrakes with a Saitek lever through FSUIPC. First I set up the first lever of the yoke quadrant as a reversed axis in FSUIPC so the lever is straight up when stowed. Then I set a null zone...through FSUIPC at the second mark from the stowed position. When I'm ready to deploy, I look at the speedbrake lever and watch it as I pull the lever down towards the armed position. If you watch it and move semi-slowly it will glich/stop at the armed position. When you pull the throttles back to reverse, the speedbrakes deploy as intended. While flying If you pull it more such as you would in flight, it will also click in the in flight extended mode. In the joystick calibration section of FSUIPC.ini I have the following entry: Spoilers=-16383,-2944,-256,16384/24 BTW,I have the Saitek panels and use SPAD and FSUIPC exclusively to setup and run the system. If you don't use SPAD, you might want to look into it. My FSUIPC setting for flaps: 41=P64,0,C65759,0 ; FLAPS RETRACT 42=P64,1,C65758,0 ; FLAPS EXTEND SPAD lets you set up 'phantom' keys to be programed in FSUIPC. Won't go into programming SPAD but well worth a look. Don't forget that many functions on PMDG can be accomplished with the build in FSUIPC macro facility. Good stuff. Also have the add on quadrant so I use the second and third lever from the yoke and the 1st and second from the addon quadrant as the other two throttles. (PMDG 747). Saitek provides a handle to do this and it works great. The last lever is programmed as the tiller. FSUIPC allows you to set a speed where the tiller is no longer effective and the rudder takes over. Just like the real thing. If you can't tell I'm a huge FSUIPC fan. So far everything I've wanted to do, I can do exclusively in FSUIPC and SPAD. Have the FSX setting for EVERYTHING turned off. Happy to share my FSUIPC.ini and SPAD settings. Apologies for anyone that takes offense to my opening this but it is frustrating to have an incomplete or an alternate answer to a question but heaven forbit the thread is reopened and the information added/updated.
  13. Kevin, Thx for the reply. Yes I've found those items to which you refer. My problem is finding documentation on what is the file, i.e. record format/layout for the c4.csv. The only airline I've seen mentioned is United. Saw the entry for Citrus but in this case there are two records? Why? I will continue looking. George
  14. Am also running an i5-2500K at 4.6GHz, 16GB of memory and an 'old' EVGA GTX460 mildly overclocked GPU clock at 845MHz, memory at 2000MHz and shader at 1690MHz. Am amazed what the ol' Sandy Bridge will do. Have the sliders farther to the right than I have a right but have spent a stupid amount of time tuning my PC and FSX. The secret to my success has been to have nvidiaInspector hold the FPS to 30 and set FSX to unlimited for frame rate. Lots of other tweaks including moving to shader ver 3.0 via a new shader set from Bojote (******* Altuve). And of course a couple of SSDs. If the system is headed for a downfall it will likely be going to 4096 resolution for clouds. Now running clouds at 2048 but my fsx.cfg is set up for 4096. Don't have REX just AS2012. Am running JFKv2 from FSDreamTeam and it does fine. Also TrackIR, UT2, SPAD (software that allows Saitek hardware to run through FSUIPC), Radar Contact,an ACARS program and Firefox to monitor my flight on my VA site. Not a stutter to be seen. Max temp is 64C whilst cooling with a Corsair H80 H2O cooler. Now, finally, me thinks a move to a new video card might be of benefit. At least 2GB of memory, better 4GB. Moral of the story is getting a discount on an i5 SB...if you can. The last I looked the i5 Sandy is gone from newegg. I have thus far not seen a need for an i7. FSX is just NOT programmed for HT. So the i5-3570K it is! A GTX670 OC'd w/4GB all the better. Now if you are rolling in $$, the i7-3970X with SIX cores might justify an i7. Were that I had $1,029 to spend. Now you would need a nVidia Titan.......yada, yada. Happy landings.
  15. I have a problem... (no not THAT problem!). Have recently added a number of addons to FSX. Have been a long time user of RC. A new owner of UTII. Since the UTII install, several airlines, most notably United are not being called out by RC, e.g. While taxiing for T/O was following a United plane that was being addressed as Uniform 384 by RC. Also another airline addressed as Sierra but did not note what airline that was given that name. Have looked (google, what else?) for some time tonight to find an answer and have found several close to mine, but the resolution was not fully documented...at least in the topics I found on the issue. Anyone with a similar/same problem? Is the c4.csv file implicated? Any help appreciated. As to software, am fully up to date on all software. RC, UTII, FSUIPC, etc, etc. Am a bit fanatical on that sort of thing...or delude myself into thinking that. George
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