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    Old man. Simming since before FS v1. 3000+ real time hrs. Like the Boeing big iron. If you're younger than 60 I don't trust you and even then it's iffy.

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  1. One more piece to the puzzle. The standby frequency does swap to the active frequency on the MCP-II COM display. Just does not move (swap) the standby frequency to the active window on the sim. I will play with it some more. How do I know I made the standby frequency really active? I entered the ActiveSky ATIS frequency of 122.0 and voila, the ATIS. I will try a flight this evening and see if the window display problem is the only problem. Thanks again! George
  2. Mr. Steiner, THANK YOU SO MUCH! You were right on the money. Yep, that was the answer and your mention jiggled my memory. Still one small problem. Hitting the swap frequency button does switch to the standby frequency, making it the active frequency, but the standby frequency does not move to the active frequency window. The active frequency window doesn't change even when swapping to the standby frequency. The active frequency does move to the standby window though. When swapped again, the standby window goes back. What I'm not saying very well is the active frequency window is frozen on whatever frequency is present when I start the sim. The standby frequency window is changing as it should when I swap frequencies. Any thoughts? Again, thank you so very much! George
  3. Hi, Am having this exact same problem. P3Dv4.4; PMDG 777 for P3D; FSUIPC 5.15 (registered); Linda 3.0.9 v2; Linda module PMDG 777 v1.4. Have been away from FS for awhile, came back and went from P3D v4.2 to 4.4 doing a clean install. It used to work under P3Dv4.2, but now everything is a new release and nada. Have the MCP-II combo for Boeing. Everything else works (EFIS and MCP) except the COM section. I do program the USER buttons on the COM panel and they work properly. Have been down this road before but memory of what I did to fix it is gone. When you've dealt with flight sim issues for 40 years (FS for TRS-80), one forgets. Did the jadolfo get a resolution? Am happy to provide the usual documentation, or any that you may request. Thought I'd start here and hope there is a simple solution. For the record, LINDA is awesome, makes life so much easier. Thanks so much, George
  4. Like he said. No current requirement for P3D but FSX would be nice.
  5. Very, very nicely done. First rate intro. So good to know the learning curve is small coming from the 747 and perhaps not as small coming from the 757/767 but still in the Boeing big iron family. Thank you Boeing! Very minor question. Would you turn on your VOR L&R as part of the EFIS panel setup? Or would that not be typical?
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