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  1. Mr Randazz ... ! My 748 panel be with a big mistake : Look this "range knob". Best Regards, Fernando Porto
  2. I just believe seeing! Fernando Porto
  3. It really is the best idea! PMDG take my money! Fernando Porto
  4. Hoo.. yess MD11 for P3DV4!!! Fernando Porto
  5. I too have a problem.. Error Message : Error Source: This transaction couldn't be completed. Please redirect your customer to PayPalAnd Credit card error message: Error code 3: This transaction has been declined.
  6. Dear Randazzo and Team It's like I always say, you guys are the best!!! Thank you so much for this rare jewel! It will certainly cost every penny I will invest in this project! Thanks a lot PMDG! Congratulations and thank you!
  7. Thanks for the good news Mr. Robert, we wish a great job for the whole team!
  8. Question of 1 million dollars! Are you planning to launch the B747v3 before or after the Super Bowl?
  9. Cargolux Italia from this photo: https://www.flickr.com/photos/131663425@N05/32261826231/in/photolist-R9ShXi-R7Kt3A-RjCFF6-QME2Gt-QoZi3h-QME1Pr-QMDZSM-PvTWAq-PsoU2d-QJBWZ8-QaB3j1-QaAyx9-QJBnWz-QarqKr-Rdtq1t-Qarqpg-RdtpED-QUHtiq-PhvheB-PgEzjg-Qu4XB8-QiN7TT-Qu4X8x-PcLZBN-QiN6wz-QdxbG8-PQ3MSP-NYmadM-MHLHUm-MEbjMA-MfUGfM-PcLZgs-QiN6b4-PcLYRE-PXJiV4-PkCBTY-Pao13o-PcUksT-NU2fyQ-MHGbEK-NrRAqx-Lp8a5d-LjEkNW-LjBAx1-M8bx2i-Kfgetm-JCVwc6-JewpVb-HypwN9-HAN8JV Very good paint! Thank you for your attention Kyle!!
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