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  1. bjohnsonmn

    Has anyone tried the new DC-9

    Well, I just purchased it and it doesn't show up in the V4 aircraft selector... even after running their SP1.
  2. bjohnsonmn

    P3D V3 FMC memory leak back?

    Knowing the level of detail CKD puts into these tests, I believe he is correct. I wonder how many other ones similar to this are hiding out there. Regression testing is hard! Best, Brad
  3. bjohnsonmn

    PC12 for Prepar3D v3

    Has anyone had luck with a fresh install, starting at P3D v3.1 with the Estonia migration tool? I am making the jump on a fresh Windows machine, starting at P3D v3.1 Thanks, Brad
  4. Hello all! I am flying from KFCM to PANC today in support of Extra-Life, an organization started by a patient at a Children's Miracle Network hospital. We are raising money in support of our local Children's Hospital, Gillette, in St. Paul, MN. If you want to learn more about the event, you can head to my page: If you want to watch: I am flying the mission on VATSIM if you want to join in! Hope to see you out there! Best, Brad
  5. Hello All, I am encountering a very strange issue after making a few changes. I will list the changes: 1. Installed the A2A C182T (AMAZING simulation of the real plane I fly on a regular basis) 2. Installed the Saitek FIPS panel (2) Work out of the box 3. COnfigured FSUIPC for controlling, and attempted calibration of the TPM panel I have. Now the issue: At some point, the computer begins to register inputs that overrun some sort of buffer. Think back to when BSOD's were more common than they are today, and in the pre-BSOD status, any mouse input creates a stuttering mouse movement, and a bunch of system beeps. That's what happens to me! In fact, it gets so bad, I have to hard reboot my rig. I suppose it is a compliment to Microsoft that Windows 7 didn't totally crumble, but it was certainly crawling toward the BSOD line. Any thoughts on what likely caused this? I am starting a troubleshooting process, but any suggested shortcuts will be appreciated. I do have the box in controls unchecked which leaves control inputs to the FSUIPC setup. Thanks! Brad
  6. bjohnsonmn

    PMDG secret project

    My preference: 757/767 as a friend recently pointed out that a lot of the systems can be modeled after each other, opens the door for add-on sales of versions, and the airframe is still in heavy use by commercial operators. One thing I've not seen considered is the commercial use potential. Is there an airframe that is suitable for adaptation into a BTD/ATD/System Trainer? Well, that would point to the 787 if it is to remain Boeing, and that's about it for current production from Boeing. Of course, if they are going for nostalgia, the DC series of aircraft are iconic, and a few are still in heavy use by folks like Buffalo. Or, that could lead to a blend of all of the above and, therefore a stronger case for the 757/767 lineage. My personal hope, the ability to do shared cockpit, and the 757/767. I'd open my checkbook for both (or enter my purchase details). If there is any indication of collaboration between Majestic and PMDG (no evidence that I've seen, but I haven't looked all that hard), then a shared cockpit may be in the works, considering the capability in the Q. Regardless, they will likely haul in $$$. The question is how much margin, and and how quickly.
  7. bjohnsonmn

    Starting over is painful.

    Jim, Feedback noted. No need to continue to rain on my parade. Regards, Brad
  8. bjohnsonmn

    Starting over is painful.

    Jim, Really what I am hoping to do is create a methodology to bring these sources together (or reference at a minimum). Think of it as a dynamic method of pulling together what works, and what doesn't work. Further, a document that one could go back to when the time to rebuild comes, and they need to go back to 0, and track back how they got to the best worst state of FS{#}. For example, if there was a setting that worked well with your hardware config, publish it under the heading of (X+Y hardware) + (Z+A Tweaks) = Result. With many different X,Y, Z, and A combinations... Part of the issue is that there are so many sources, and methods, it is hard to remember what was used last time. Thanks, Brad
  9. bjohnsonmn

    Starting over is painful.

    Where? And before you say this Forum, I should tell you I am not a moron, nor do I like to ask for help without trying things on my own first. At this point, I've done a rebuild a number of times over the last few years, and this time, I will make it more than just one more lap around the forums.
  10. bjohnsonmn

    Starting over is painful.

    I should have known better than to try to rally folks on a message board. There are many ways to skin the FSX tuning cat, and my hope was to build a tool to feed all of these various techniques into a single starting point. Instead, I get a number of anit-social LMGTFY, it's impossible, or nice try responses. If anyone is interested in providing meaningful assistance, guidance, or productive thought, let me know. Replying, just to get your name on a thread is not helping. Offering a list of sources that have worked for you to be complied into a list, is helpful. Offering to help take screen shots is helpful. Offering to proofread is helpful. Best, Brad Toot... Funny! Sometimes we need that little mental trick to get us out of a pattern and get something done. One caveat, if someone is using SSD's (Like I do), then you wouldn't want to defrag. But, there are SSD conditioning and configuration tools that are worthy of running through, though I haven't used ons. If asked to produce it, could you list every single tweak, change, and mod you performed over 5 days to get it done? I'd love to see the tool I have in mind turn into that mechanism that is used to do just that! Best, Brad
  11. bjohnsonmn

    Starting over is painful.

    The responses thus far are illustrating the issue that I am facing. For example, I've completed Nick's guide, and my sim is still acting very strange. I've tried the long list of tweak guides that have been listed above, or parts of each. My goal: take the best from what is out there, formulate it into a wiki like format, and provide a checklist that one could use to document which tweaks were done, and what the changes were that were made to various config files and settings. And before someone offers a LMGTFY, I've done that... My hope is to provide results and screenshots for each tweak. Further, I'd love to have what I'm going to call "Optional" sub tweak lists. This would include the tweak guide for FSUIPC, PMDG, ORBX, ASN, etc... Perhaps even references to YouTube videos that show what others have done in that regard. B
  12. bjohnsonmn

    Could I fly a real Boeing 737-800?

    I'll add one comment about taxiing. If you want to see something funny, watch a private pilot student on their first taxi under their own control... you'd think they were drunk!
  13. bjohnsonmn

    Starting over is painful.

    We've (mostly) all been there. You purchase new hardware. Your add-ons get away from you. You make a bad tweak and hork up the entire system. Time for an FSX rebuild! As much as we've been told by folks like Froogle, and others, we are as bad at documenting our tweaks as developers are at commenting their code. Selfishly, I am posting this topic in hopes to take a stab at creating a tweak guide, that is based on trial and error, documented, and includes a checklist. (All aviators, real life or virtual love checklists). I offer up my rig as the guineapig. I'm looking for experienced tweakers, and tweak authors who are willing to work on the tweak guide to end all tweak guides. In my case, the system is dedicated to FSX and VRC, and that's it. Also, the goal is that this guide allows for optimization without processor overclocking, or hardware mods. (Proper cooling, installation, and power are all assumed to be required) If you are interested, experienced, and know what you are doing, please respond to the thread, and I'll add you to the list of folks who want to be a part of this project. Again, I am looking for those who have successful experience, and are willing to work on this project long term, not those looking for instant gratification. If there's one thing I've learned, it is that instant gratification is unrealistic for FSX users. Thanks, Brad
  14. Just purchased! $14.99 is a great deal! (Oh, and you get $1.50 worth of JF Points for future purchases with this one)
  15. Well, a few notes having read the thread so far: 1. For those wishing to jump to P3D, check out the purchase arrangements. As a PPL ASEL, working on my IFR ticket, and then my commercial, I fit in the training category for the $199 license. Those who are hobbyists, don't, though I know that they are not checking credentials at checkout. Further, folks like PMDG are still working through the EULA and other legal aspects of releasing for P3D. Not a negative, just a state of affairs observation on the P3D front. 2. If this company, who I had not heard of before today, wants to turn their license for the underlying FSX engine into a DLC cash-cow, good for them! At least someone will be making money off of it. The bummer is if there is a different party who wants to release FSXI (Pronounced FiSksE), a true rebuild of FSX, and this will hold them back from doing so, bummer, but that's the way it works. 3. There is a third way here. There is nothing restricting someone from writing a new flight simulator. X-Plane did it. 4. If the approach that they take is not well received, then they will change tack, or fail. Pretty much solves itself. For me, I hope it goes well, and a new, "entertainment" EULA flight simulator emerges that allows usage of previously purchased add-ons. Even if it means having to purchase upgrades. But that may be a pipe dream. I'll just have to be thankful that my usage model does fit the described usage models from P3D, and hope that P3D editions of my favorite training aircraft are not priced out of my reach.