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  1. We are looking for Hub managers to make some flight plans and coordinate the hubs! Current Positions: KORD KMDW KDFW KJFK Join today @ http://orbitairlines.tk
  2. Looking for HUB managers. Join the airlines and contact me and we can talk! We have 3 hub managers right now and we also have a KMSP manager needed. http://deltavirtual.tk Cam
  3. EDIT: we are still looking! PLEASE JOIN! we have a money system and xACARS that you can use
  4. Cam here for Delta VA. We are a new VA and we need pilots... Hub managers needed as well. 5 HUB spots are open. please join us at We need people to join and we would be very happy if you were the first person to join! -Cameron
  5. Hi. My name is Cameron and i have made the Delta VA! We are new to the world of VA and hope that you will join us! we run on xACARS! Current Positions Aval. Pilots 6 HUB managers 2 Website Managers We would like these to fill up soon so feel free to go to http://deltavirtual.tk to join! We are free to join and are always working on our flight schedules! Please join! Thanks Cameron
  6. I am the new owner of Delta VA. We are a small VA and we are looking for pilots and some HUB managers... Our main site is here so please feel free to apply! DELTAVIRTUAL.TK -Cameron
  7. So i use squawk box and here is the problems i have had. A friend and I were playing and i didnt see him in my FSX.. He has FS9 so how can i make it so i can see him. I can only see other FSX traffic. Then also, all i can see are VIP models. how can i see what the real planes look like? -Cameron
  8. Is slew mode on? I had that happen and the plane would lift sleight up!
  9. I know free hosting is not the way to go but its the only choice i have... has anyone found a free hosting option with PHPVMS? the one i tried, wasnt working, 1freehosting.com i think, but yeah, thanks! -Cameron
  10. thanks! i found a good tutorial that has helped me out!
  11. Ok... So do i put this onto my server then? im not understanding this whole PHPVMS but i keep hearing about it all over the internet... Just tryin to get info... -Cam
  12. So im making a delta VA and i cant find something easy for a ACARS. all i want is something to track the flight then email me (the admin) the results... im still working on the VA but does any one have ideas?
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