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  1. Perhaps someone can share their RadeonPro settings? There is too much going on for me to understand. Also, I installed the latest CCC driver and I am getting these numbers, I assume framerates, in the top left corner of my screen. In the past I had a program that looked like this but uninstalled it a long time ago. This has created all kinds of errors with the add-on manager for FSDreamTeam Airports as well.
  2. Despite the improved frame-rates and overall settings, I am still having issues with flickering runway and taxiway lines and markings. In addition, towers, power-lines or anything that's really skinny flickers as well. Has anyone found a fix for this yet? I am using a 32 inch tv on a relatively low resolution, somewhere around 1440 x 768 or whatever the 700 setting is. If I were to get a monitor capable of doing the 2500 setting would this fix the issue? I am running 4xSSAA Surface Format Opt/Morph off.....how do y'all set up the tessellation? AMD optimized?
  3. I changed my settings back to 4x and visually I cant tell a difference. However, at busy airports with all the add-ons at dawn with building storms (Rex, UTX, FSDreamTeam DFW) in the RealAir duke I am getting around 5fps better in the VC (around 22-23) and near 30 in all the other views. THANK YOU!!! As others have said, it appears us ATI people are finally getting our cards tweaked properly :lol:
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