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  1. I do have the same problem. Are you using the WX Advantage Radar? Then check the REX Support Forums this problem has already been reported. Gerhard
  2. Hello, why is there no NAV/COM2 radio when you select the single GTN750 installation? There would be enough space on the instrument panel for the KX 155. Regards Gerhard
  3. In version 2.7 it was actually possible to set it up both ways either toggle with one button or up and down with a two way switch. However, toggling the spoilers is pretty simplified. If you look at the switch in the aircraft you can see that it has two positions: Spoilers up and spoilers down. Regards, Gerhard
  4. Thanks Scott, I didn't realize that FSUIPC would not work anymore. The spoilers do work with the G1000_MFD_SOFTKEY6. However, I personally preferred my old FSUIPC setup because it allowed me to use SPOILERS_OFF and SPOILERS_ON separately on a two way switch. No I can only toggle the spoilers - seems less realistic to me. Regards, Gerhard
  5. Same issue here!
  6. Thanks, I just wanted to confirm that I am not wrong here. I already updated my F1GTN.ini with Auto CRS=0 for more realism. Regards, Gerhard
  7. Hi Scott, No, I downloaded the "LEARJET35A_AP_KEYS.zip" from flysimware.com. The included files add several AP keys but not the Go-Around. I never installed a LUA script, so I was hoping the upcoming version 2.8 would include a (G/A) key by default. Regards, Gerhard
  8. Does the GPS set the HSI course automatically in the real aircraft? I thought that the pilot has to manually align it with the DTK on this retro gauge.
  9. Just downloaded the LEARJET35A_AP_KEYS an wondering why the Go-Around (G/A) key assignment is missing. For my opinion it is way more important to have this one assigned to your joystick than most of the other buttons, assuming that you are hands on during a go around.
  10. Hi, I have now answer, but I had a similar problem today. Flight from EDDM to LFML ILS RWY13L (110.3 ML). The FMS showed the wrong ILS frequency and I was unable to manually update it. At the end it did not matter anyway, because the plane crashed on short final for now reason as far as I can say. Regards, Gerhard