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  1. I found the addon that was giving me a hard time was a Clandestine Air Cargo repaint that a friend of mine made. I don't think he's made it public so you shouldn't have to worry. But this has really taught me something, I'm always going to test my addons to see if they work well.
  2. Thanks ACE, found the addon that was causing the problem. All good now!
  3. I've got an issue with the Addon Builder right now, it won't let me add an item. At first I thought it was just for a specific thing I was doing, but I've found that every addon it won't let me use the "Add Item" button on the bottom. Every time I try the Addon Builder crashes.
  4. Wow, this is great. We're finally here, making addons. Thanks a lot for all your hard work on this MVGibbage and Stonelance. Hopefully this is just the beginning of a new life for Flight. Maybe some time in the future we will have the whole world to fly, But I'm afraid too many people have already written off Flight as another Microsoft failure. Anyway, thanks again. Can't wait to fly the Seabee!
  5. Thanks a lot Luis, as for my repaints not showing up, I was able to figure it out. Now I can finish up my paint and get it out there!
  6. Hello everyone. I've just gotten out of school, so I'm returning to the MSF painting area. I'm alright with remembering things, and so far my finger painting has gotten better. I'd like to improve that one day, but today is not that day. I'm trying to paste a picture onto my painting, and for some reason, I can't get it to move! :mad: I've tried everything I thought might work, and it won't budge. I really want a picture on the fuselage, but it is just stuck in the middle. How can I move it? Second, is there a "textbox" I can use so that I don't have sloppy finger painting writing? Made that mistake on the Buffalo Airways C-46 and it came out horrid... And lastly, my repaints are not showing up in game! I followed the tutorial, and every time I hit the rapid iteration button, nothing happens, I just see the extra livery. Note: This is all with GIMP, which is a lot less user friendly than Photoshop I'm sure.
  7. As I've already congratulated fryer, just thought I would do it again here. It's fine work, already downloaded, she flies fine, fine as any bird (or whale?) I've ever flown. Looking forward to flying it in any of my future clandies, or group flights (check 'em out from ACE!). Thanks for all your hard work fryer, looking forward to many more! B)
  8. Very nice paints OO-JML. I might take that burgundy one and add some gold (Redskins!). These will be available in the AVSIM library I'm guessing? Hope to see them soon, excited to fly these around on my cargo jobs :lol: .
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