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  1. ... I expressed a criticism in my first disappointment - I am not alone with this. This has nothing to do with childlike defiance. I take back the word "chicane"; I also feel like testing again 😉 Dominque, I've been a flightsimmer since 1983 - like you. I'm not sure I deserve to be "stepped out of the Alpha". After all, I don't criticize every sunset 😉 Best regards Will Google translater
  2. I was very happy to be part of Alpha after a long wait. With these annoying watermarks I just don't feel like testing anymore. It is a harassment for all the loyal fans who have followed the rules. best regards Will
  3. ... der Screenshot von Bonham Five im Vordergrund ... Sieht es nicht aus wie die Bugwellen eines Wasserflugzeugs? Will
  4. ... klingt schön in der deutschen Übersetzung 🙂
  5. ... and how does Lionel get on the plane? Can we maybe create a pilot in our own image? Greetings Will Google translater
  6. ... top picture ... who is the pilot ...? best regards Sir Wilfrid
  7. Yes, I think that many Europeans are here ... I am one of them. I also want to believe that Asobe is a team with international developers, so no room for any nationalism. Best regards SirWilfried Google translator
  8. ... what are you still doing here?
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