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  1. I know the MadDog is a whisper jet:) I always tried getting a seat in one of the single digit rows when traveling with one, back in the days SAS and Spanair had them. i am a audio engineer by trade, and tire very quickly of sound that is either heavily bit reduced or poorly sample rate converted - my brain starts to bleed out of my ears. I know many developers back in the days used many “tricks” to save VAS and other resources, and therefore compressed/bit reduced the audio, and/or kept just a mono (l+r) mix. Nowadays there is no need to go mono, 8 bit or 22050kHz sample rate. Anyway. What the Dog needs, is a new, stereo recording of all the avionics fans, recorded from the pilots seats, with a good stereo mic, or a 50cm French pair setup. If I had access to a real MD80 I would record my own and share, but since the Dogs left Norway a few years back, I can’t..:(
  2. Looks good! Does anybody happen to know if there is a plan for a higher resolution / less compression / stereo etc, sound set from the developer? To my ears the sounds are exactly the same as they do in the FS2004/FSX-version - just as low res and mono.
  3. @kiek you are a superstar! Thank you for this absolutely brilliant, and astonishing tool! You´ve given me back a LOT of performance in P3D, that I now can use to fly with higher autogen settings, wile smooth, and with AI traffic following SIDs and STARS. To improve on VAS usage with AI-liveries, you can use the the Ordenator Texture Optimizer (made for Skyrim) to mipmap and compress textures to DXT. It can be downloaded from here . There is a tutorial on how to do this on AVSIM somewhere, but in a nutshell: 0. Point the program to the WoAI (MyTraffic etc) path. 1. Select Make if not mipmaps. 2. Resize down, and select if > 1024. 3. BE SURE TO LET THE PROGRAM MAKE BACKUPS (if you screw up etc): 4. Select "Make Backup" and point it to an empty directory. 5. Press the Start button, and make coffee. I´m not sure that it will improve performance that much, but it´ll sure help VAS consumption. Many of the WOAI textures are big. (This tool can also be used to compress textures in airports. Many scenery developers offers lite texture packs to save on VAS, but they don´t use lower res textures in all objects necessarily. The texture quality might suffer a bit up close, but who cares, as long as you don´t run out of memory.. fair trade:) ) .
  4. I´ve also tested a lot of external frame rate limiters, but ended up using the Nvidia one, at 30,5FPS lock, and the stutters are gone. I also use the 1/2 refresh rate VSYNC option - it´s a bit smoother than FastSync, but with a bit more input lag. I´ve set my internal limiter at 31fps. VSYNC needs to be set ON in P3D for it to work. You could also adjust the TextureMaxLoad parameter in the .cfg to further limit the stutters/long frames. More info on how to tune it here: Tuning Guide
  5. As a sound engineer by trade, I can´t agree with you more! The sounds are very good, and easily configurable. There are some rough edges in the B.Betty-department - some of the callouts, like Stabilizer Motion has way higher loudness than the stabilizer movement sound, but that´s not a big deal to fix. I´m not sure the avionics sound is as "irritating" as it is in "real life", judging by videos (mind you - a microphone has no way of cancelling out irritating/static sounds like our brain has, so static sounds like fans etc is often greatly exaggerated in videos.), maybe it is. You can barely hear the engines, like is the case in a real MD-80 The VC-modeling is state of the art - a masterpiece! IXEG quality! As I rarely spend any time looking at the aircraft from outside, I don´t really care that much how the plane looks from the outside. That said: It looks fantastic! I´m having a few problems with the systems though: - The autopilot will not level of at a set altitude, even if it´s armed by setting a target altitude and pulling the knob. - Awaiting full VNAV Functionality, using the IAS mode with the autothrottle on does not work, as I cant apply more thrust by pushing the throttles forward. I believe this is how it´s done in the real plane? - The magenta line does disappear from the NAV display from time to time. Adjusting the range sometimes help, sometimes not. Maybe I´m doing something wrong - need to read the manual properly, and try to maybe unlearn some of the things I remember from the Leonardo MadDog...? In time I think this one will be a winner!!
  6. Got it working @alfamike, and I´m loving your work!! It´s brilliant!
  7. Bought! Installed in XP latest XP 10 release. Didn't get a serial key from (yet), so can't activate, or take it for a spin:( Sent an e-mail to the store - hope it gets sorted quickly:D
  8. FSX-MS

    Well worth the money in my opinion! Beautiful modeling, especially the VC. They have also managed to get the cockpit displays to be very crisp and clear, where the pixels don´t interpolate, making them easier to read. Sure there are a few rough edges still, especially in the AP NAV and PROF-modes, and the MCDU isn´t complete, but Im sure they'll get there eventually. Performance in P3D is just spectacular, and it´s a dream to hand fly! Well worth the 60$!
  9. Thank you for a brilliant product Keven - even though it´s alpha, it´s a blast! I´ve been waiting for the "Follow horizon"-feature for a years, as I find myself instinctively tilting my head to follow the horizon when using Track-IR - it feels like a natural thing to do. What I´m wondering is this: Would it be possible to limit the amount of head tilt / bank angle as the airspeed increases? I don´t know what wold be the natural way this is "most commonly done" by people, but something tells me that following the horizon is something that occurs in a slightly higher degree when at lower altitude and at a lower speed. Maybe I´m wrong.. food for thought anyhow:)
  10. Thanks Ray! I'll do that!
  11. Can you help me as well Ray? I re-installed Radar Contact last week, and tried to e-mail the activation service. Have not heard back for several days, and I´m positive my junk mail filter haven´t caught it.
  12. What driver version are you on Rob? I recently discovered that the DPC latency issues with the earlier drivers don't seem to have been resolved in the latest driver either. Seems a bit better, but still the driver causing most latency on my system, with a water cooled Titan XP. That said - turning off thread optimization in Nvidia control panel gives a far better performance in XP 10/11:D
  13. You could set the AIController.ini file to read only in Windows. AiMonitor will throw a .net error when exiting, saying it can´t write to AIController.ini . Not a fix, but a workaround. Hopefully the great Roland will look into this Thank you for your brilliant contribution and hard work Roland!
  14. Food for thought Jeroen: Tried flying over Norway in P3D without having spent 120$ at ORBX before taking off..? It does not look anything remotely like Norway out of the box. Last time i checked, by looking out my actual window, there was no dessert in Norway I find the X-Plane "plausible scenery" a lot more plausible than Lockheeds attempt.. makes me wonder: where on (sim)earth do they intend to teach pilots to fly their physical, paid for by tax payers, million dollar destroyers of worlds? Iraq perhaps? :wink: What X-Plane is lacking, in my mind, are add on airports that are on par with the ones available for purchase on the ESP platform. Granted, there are many great, free (!!) add-ons for X-Plane, but hopefully more payware designers will convert their masterpieces in the future! Ground scenery is easier, now that the brilliant Ortho4XP is pretty stable. Flew from Zurich to Barcelona the other day, over Ortho4XP tiles at zoom level 17, and was blown away! It looks so real! Coupled with OpenStreetMap-data via World2Xplane, it is pretty much identical to the real world. :wub: I´m really excited for X-Plane 11 - considering what we have seen so far - this will evolve into something brilliant!