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  1. Bought it a few hours ago! Can’t wait to test it, but that will probably be next year... kids, Christmas, wedding, remodeling....😎
  2. kristolz

    Active Sky for X-Plane

    I also have FSGSRW, and use it, with XVision clouds etc with X-Plane 11.30. It beats the built in weather engine without breaking a sweat. Probably due to better METAR coverage in Europe, than XPs built in one, Im not sure. The only niggle is that FSGSRW sometimes injects rain at 36 000 feet. I have more than once found my airplane crashed in the ground due to icing after stepping away from the computer for a while.. Its awesome that XP actually simulates icing on the airframe, and the effects of it, but it should not be necessary to fly with anti ice always turned on, in case the weather suddenly changes, and rain appear out of nowhere above FL360.. Now - I know that rain at higher alititudes occur, and if not dealt with properly, could result i disaster (AF 447 anyone?), but i don't occur as often as every flight where there are some rain below 10k;) Hopefully HiFi have solved these issues, that coulid lie within the X-plane weather engine, or in other applications interpretation of the METARs. Anyway you put it: Competition is always a good thing! It drives development. We'll end up with 3 different providers - probably. We used to have one-ish. Thats brilliant!:) I have all the other weather add-ons for XP - why not this one too. I'm in - for the long haul! regards
  3. You could also run this software, to figure out which driver is potentially making your system hang from time to time: I use it often to diagnose audio issues on critical on air radio systems
  4. Love your work @KNOSSOS - it seems to have done the trick! Will do some more testing. Should have read the FAQ I guess..
  5. Sorry for double posting, but the edit box bugged out on me... anyway! I've just updated to the 1.02 version of xVision, and suddenly my performance is shot. I usually sit around 50-60% GPU usage, but now it's glued to 100% more or less. I did a full restore of the original shaders etc before applying 1.02, and I use an unmodified classic for lua recipie/preset that comes with xVision. I did overwerwrite mye 1.01, and have not kept a backup of it, so I can't roll back to see if it solves the problem.. Im using only FXAA in sim, and have a Titan X Pascal @ 2 ghz on a 3440x1440 monitor. Do you have any idea what the problem might be @KNOSSOS Thank you for a great product by the way! I'm sticking with 11.26 until you guys are compatible with 11.30 🙂
  6. Just watched the video on the xVision-page. Looks absolutely amazing! @KNOSSOS did it again! My credit card is ready!
  7. kristolz

    TSS - MD-8X JT8D is out

    Judging from the pictures taken of the “source” real life MD80 TSS used for recording the sounds, it looks like an MD87? It’s quite a bit shorter than the 81, and the engines are probably a bit more audible from the flight deck? Maybe that is why the engine sounds are more prominent? Have TSS done anything to address the poor quality avionics cooling fan sound, and the pressurization wheel moving sound?
  8. I’ve seen something similar a few times, when altering altitude constriaints on a STAR during descent, that the AP will start a left turn for no reason, and continue to do so, probably to catch a waypoint not visible on the ND, nor the McDU. The FD mode is still showing NAVTrk, although the plane is flying all by itself further and further away from the magenta line. Seems like a bug to me. Does not happen every flight, so not entirely sure how to reproduce it..
  9. Thanks - that worked this time around! Strangely it didn't last time I tried (hence this post!)
  10. Hi! I like having the Play aural on AP Disconnect turned on. However - there is a problem. When I disconnect the AP via the glareshield, Betty will not shut up. In the old model, I recall having to press the yoke AP disconnect button to shut her up in the old 2010 dog. In this version, pressing the disconnect button twice, makes no difference. Betty will yell all the way down, and not quit. Is this a bug, or am I doing it wrong?
  11. kristolz

    Maddog & MD Rotate worth?

    Hi! I have both! I even have the ATS MD80 which breafly was available on the org. A shame they never finished it properly - it has so much potential! Both the Rotate and the Maddog are great! They both have their pros and cons. Rotate: Beatiful 3d modelling on the outside. A wash of brilliant detailed liveries. A good load manager. (new in 1.4) VC Graphics are great, though a bit too "cartoonish" for my taste. Sounds are not great - to be kind. Systems: As far as I can tell, they are all there, and some of the 80s quircks as well. Flight controls seem a bit to jiggly, but you can tune these with a seperate profile for your joystick/yoke/pedals, to be a bit more sluggish, as I reckon they are in real life. Maddog: Beautiful modelling both inside and out. It perhaps looks a bit more like the real MD80, judging from pictures, and a childhood memory of visiting the cockpit of a Spanair 83 in 1994. VC Textures look a bit washed out color/contrast vise to my liking, but that is nitpicking. The 2D McDU is probably lifted from the old Maddog 2010/2008 - it's really low quality, compared with the rest. Willl probably change soon! Sounds are not great. 95% of the sounds are probably from the old model - they are really low quality. The quirks and failures you can trigger by not handling it as per the manual are really challenging!Example: If you don't turn on the fuel heat in a long cruise, and neglect the warning panel, the engines will flame out! The Maddog is a "new" release, and will probably get even better - the Rotate looks like it has had it's prime - the developer is more focused on the MD11 project. That said - they still update it. ---------------- I like both very much, and can't really choose between them! I love handflying in X-Plane - it feels so much more immersive somehow - the plane reacts in a way that is more in tune with what I would expect it to do, without having too much real life experience. That is more down to the sim core than these plugins to be honest. Tough choice choosing between them! Good luck!
  12. kristolz

    FSUIPC Offsets?

    Hello! Thank you for a brilliant aircraft! Will offsets be made available in the future, so one could bind a hardware controller or write LUA scripts in FSUIPC? I know there is a Event Command-function in the Load Manager, but doing this via FSUIPC is probably easier / more flexible, for us who don´t have space for a full size cockpit, and have to make amends wit a Thrustmaster Warthog Throttle Quad, and it´s limited buttons. An example of use case: APU Start / Shutdown: The Thrustmaster has only a on/off switch, but the switch in the plane have three positions. In LUA, one could program the On/Off hardware switch to, given that the script has not run before, first switch the APU switch to ON, then wait a second, then flick it to start, wait a second, then release it. It´s not brilliant, but hey - it´s much cooler flicking a physical switch!
  13. kristolz

    Rookie problems

    If you are running P3D 4.2, there is a fix for the zoom issue ( I had the same problem last night). There is an update here: Hope this helps!