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  1. Especially for Aztec Airways: http://www.aztec.pl/virtual/ One pilot + squirrel Without AP and SOP With English subtitles.
  2. My "hangar" has 450x400cm. Curve screen - 180x600cm. Training in LOWI:
  3. Why one aircraft? This is one cockpit - right. But I can connect a monitor, joystick, I can install PMDG - I can do it exactly like you. Desk stands near the cockpit I can use the same main PC... But I still don't know the A320 enough... 3 projectors, 180 degrees. This is pretty good for me.Old video: http://totom.idsl.pl/index.php/a320/ekran
  4. Yes. This was the reason that I changed the project. Airbus has a "digital" control. Mechanical solutions means more money A320 is much simpler: pedestal, MIP, overhead, flight control, lighting. And there is free JeeHell FMGS!!!
  5. Hi! A short video from my home cockpit: I decided to build the A320 in 2007 (after selling 2/3 cockpit B737). http://totom.idsl.pl/index.php/b737 Then I prepared the room: And then - nine years of hard work:
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