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  1. Just a word about the "VFR Landmarks" package mentioned above.  It installs easy enough, and did populate the landscape with lots of new objects; and the few local ones I saw seemed to be in the correct places.  Unfortunately, almost all of the objects seem to be wildly out of scale; and so I had to delete it.  Looks like I will need to generate my own at some point.



  2. Hi, all.

    I finally made the jump over to XP11 this weekend, and with very little effort, I have to say I am impressed.  I have actually been flying instead of buying and tweaking things.

    My local little 3D airports are quite recognizable; and with the scenery detail cranked up I even saw a hospital complex along a highway north of me.  And that brings up my question...

    I would love to add a few landmarks (power plants along rivers, shopping centers, etc) to make VFR a little more realistic.  I know there are programs to modify airports.  Is there anything that could add the types of objects I am thinking of - "off airport"?

    Thanks.  Looking forward to exploring this sim.



  3. Stew, thank you very much for the link.  While this was helpful, it didn't solve the problem.  It turns out to be a documented conflict with UT.  Someone else posted pics (last year) of the same faulty tiles I saw.  Disabling two files in the scenery fixes it.

    Very grateful for all the simmers who help each when things like this come up!



  4. I am using UT for roads / railroads.  Everything else is all Orbx - Global Base, LC NA, etc.  No other local scenery.

    Weirdest thing I've come across.


    Edit:  I'm still going to fly here - it's beautiful.  But it would be nicer to fix it!  :-)

  5. Hello, all.

    I run P3D v3.3.  I recently installed the newish "Bar Harbor" airport scenery.  It is beautiful - I love the realism it gives the whole area.

    However, I noticed several "land tiles" in the water just SE of the Harbor; heading out into open ocean.  One has trees!

    There is also another on on the SW side of Mt Desert Island; in the Narrows.

    Google did not turn up anything; so I'm wondering what would cause such an issue?  I use UT for roads; but everything else is Orbx; and Central and the Library are up-to-date.

    Thank you!



  6. On a whim, I decided to fly the Falcon on a short CC into KORD last evening.  Yikes!  My poor old machine did not like that experience very much.  I didn't turn on the FPS, but it had to be high single digits; or low doubles.  I suppose I could turn down all my sliders; but I'll probably just stick with my piston Duke until I hit the Lottery someday.  :-)


  7. I own GEP3D - which I was a huge fan of.  But I have stopped using it in favor of FTX Global Base and OpenLC NA.  The only difference is that I use the UTX products instead of FTX Vector.  You can read the pros and cons; but I am happy with UTX; especially after tweaking it.

    You may still want a mesh product - like FreeMesh X.  I had FS Genesis for years; but switched to free products like this one.

    Good luck!  These products greatly enhance the flying experience; especially if you fly "low and slow" like me.


  8. Well, folks...after a couple weeks of being away from P3d because of work and other distractions, I finally got a chance to get back to my "night fires" problems.  I am happy to report that PTA - along with picking the correct night lighting - pretty much solved the problem!  I have seen some screenshots that look better than what I have; but this is a huge improvement from what I had earlier.  It is kind of a pain to experiment in PTA over and over - but it has such a great selection of options that eventually everything looks amazing.

    So thanks for all the earlier suggestions.  I can now do night flying again; and not land at dusk!  :-)


  9. What I think is the major advancement over the years is accuracy.  More geography, better textures, more parts of the world, better flight models.  Granted, the steps are sometimes small.  But I am flying in a world that I recognize!  Not green lines on a black screen - which I loved at the time!  :-)


  10. I'd like your opinions on how to get night lighting corrected on my P3d v3.2 setup.  Basically, it looks like any urban / suburban textures are a raging firestorm - way too bright and lit up everywhere.  (I don't have a good place to store a photo, or I would have a link here...)


    My setup:

    - v3.2

    - Orbx Global and LC NA

    - UTX roads

    - REX textures for water, sky, clouds

    - using PTA v2.0


    I have tried every combination I can think of - Orbx night lighting on / off, UTX night lighting on / off, reduced the autogen emissive value in PTA.  These things make a bit if difference, but overall it looks like a forest fire below me.  The rest of my P3d world looks great.




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