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  1. Thank you, Glenn. I thought I read something similar a while back, but could not find it again. XP wins out over SE.
  2. I'm in a pickle... I really like my SpaceEngine software, but it can't support anything newer than 435.27 (I think). Will I be able to use that driver with the public Vulcan release? Or is it too old?
  3. Agreed. I got rid of Win 7, and installed Win 10. No problem getting things running again. And now I have the right nVidia driver for Vulcan.
  4. Yep...this will be a Day 1 purchase for me. Thanks, Ryan.
  5. If I understand Vulcan correctly, it sounds like I can't even try it until I upgrade my hardware. My GTX 970 still works pretty well on "old" XP, but it's a 4GB board. So that means reduced textures everywhere?
  6. I have only ever used XVision, and that alone makes a huge difference, depending on which file you use.
  7. Hi. Mesh files go below the Ortho files; not above. The mesh is the wireframe that supports the orthos above them. Hope that helps. Ron
  8. Andras, I have used HD mesh ever since I first heard about it. The difference is amazing! Would we see a corresponding difference between HD and UHD? Thanks for all your work and contributions! Ron
  9. The ground textures in non-Ortho areas look great, as others have said. His autogen is really well done. (Keep in mind that both of these do repeat, as they just replace the default items.) The trees have much greater variety of shape and texture. I commented in another forum that they seemed a little too light / bright. MisterX6 agreed, and said he will tweak them for the next release! Amazing stuff.
  10. This was the video where it was mentioned. But on a newer video, he seems to have backed away from this "fact"... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=isVmSRZT5e8
  11. The latest "development / reveal" video confirmed that MSFS will be cloud-based and subscription. Both of those are deal breakers for me. I will happily stay with XP.
  12. Great news! I have a hard time flying without Forkboy's orthos below me. 🙂
  13. I'll believe it after I see reviews for the PC version...
  14. Interesting! I have watched the reply. I'll have to try flying the reply. Great for those less-than-perfect landing do-overs!
  15. KBUR - ditto. If XP could also get some decent looking clouds, I would be in flight sim heaven...
  16. I haven't deleted P3D yet - but I am seriously considering it. The only thing holding me back is my ORBX European scenery. I can't see myself using it very much any longer.
  17. The hardest part for me, is when the 172 will be taxiing around fine, and then suddenly seems to go crazy - very erratic turns for no good reason. I am learning to work around it, but I have flown with friends, and I know the handling is not "realistic". Ron
  18. Yeah. I just turn on the Cirrus clouds and go flying. Everything else just ruins it.
  19. Agreed. But there is something wrong in that screenshot. Not normal.
  20. Read the answer below my question, here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/178117-locating-correct-ortho-tiles-files/
  21. Found an answer on a different forum. Let the experimenting begin!
  22. I would like to do some color corrections and other alterations to ortho tiles. How can I tell which tile number I need? And which of the files? (Besides randomly looking at them.) I assume the number system will tell me, but I have not found a guide on how they work exactly. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks! Ron
  23. Wow... Looks like those guys are getting more of my money. 🙂
  24. Lokoko, While you are in Control Panel, look to see if the nVidia is controlling the colors; or if the application (XP) is set to control the colors. It will probably make a difference. (Last time I looked, there was a check box on the opening dialog box.) Ron
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