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  1. I have searched this topic, but did not find a conclusive answer...


    Does anyone know which texture(s) controls the airport grass color?  In my setup, the airport grass is usually much lighter and yellower than the surrounding vegetation.  (Not realistic.)  But to make matters worse, the runway color gets lost until you are very close to the airport.  (Frustrating.)

    I'd like to alter the color if I could figure out which texture to play with.




  2. Pennridge (KCKZ) in SE PA is my local airport, and needs some better / more details.  Luray Caverns (KLUA) in VA is a frequent destination near my in-laws; that again needs a little more realism.  Stock objects and better taxiways would probably be enough for these two.


    I'd love to see someone do Reading PA (KRDG) because it looks like MAAM isn't going to update their old FS9 offering.  (Love flying into that airport.)  That one would take a bit more work.

  3. I've noticed over the years that questions like this rarely get any attention; and yet there must be something between "do-it-yourself" scenery, and commercially-made scenery.  I am willing to spend money to get custom work done.  I am less willing to spend months?, years? learning to (maybe) make decent-looking airports on my own.  There are so many talented people in this hobby - I just thought I'd throw out the question.  Thanks,



  4. I apologize if this is answered somewhere - I searched around, but didn't find an answer...


    Is there someone around these forums who does freelance airport design?  I'm talking smaller local / regional airports, not majors.

    I'm sure given enough time, I could figure it out; but there are folks around who love this kind of thing.

    Anyone have any tips?  Thanks in advance!



  5. I was just curious what zoom factor people feel is realistic, comfortable, etc?

    Also, for anyone that uses UTX2 (USA) what road widths are you using; and do you have the "grass" buffers on the sides?

    I read an older post (which I can no longer find) which gave a list of width changes.  It is better than default, but I'm never quite satisfied.  :-)



  6. I own both.  I bought GEP3D first, but was somewhat disappointed in the yellowish colors.  I then bought FTX; and am happier with the colors.


    The next battle was what landclass to use.  I use UTX2, so that comes with it's own internal LC.  But when comparing P3D with areas I was familiar with, I found it lacking in realism.  I next tried Scenery Tech.  Different and better, but not quite there for the northeast US.  Next up was the old FS Genesis US Landclass.  Sandwiched with UTX2, each of them added to the experience.


    Until something better comes along, FTX / FSGLC / UTX2 wins for me.

    It is indeed a matter of taste; and where one likes to fly.  I compared other areas, and found less difference - so your mileage may vary.



  7. In my FS9 rig, I used GE Pro and UT, with the "sandwich" and any patches that came around.  I was pretty happy with the appearence vs the real world.


    When I set up my P3Dv3, I naturally went with GEP3D and UTv2.  After flying for a couple of weeks, in familiar areas, I have disabled the GEP3D textures.  Even after tweaking my monitor and NV colors, it just never looked real.  The greens were sickly looking, there were too many fields and the tree color didn't match the ground colors.


    Switched between GEP3D and default a few times, and decided to stick with default textures for now.  UT2 is still running.


    Anyone else experience anything like this?  Anyone using another set of textures?  I was also a bit disappointed that, for the money, GE did not offer any alternate textures to choose from - something that other software for FS9 offered in the past.



  8. Hi, folks.

    Real life has kept me away from sim flying for quite a while.  I was flying a tweaked out FS9.1 setup; but I'm ready to take up P3D v3.0.

    My plan is to add FSG 10m USA mesh, UTX 2.1 with patches, GEP3D, HDE v2 clouds & sky, and a few favorite airports.


    Any cautions, tips, or other suggestions for me as I get back into this?

    Thanks in advance.


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