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  1. The airspace boundaries are hard-coded and are not modified. The feature you are describing allows you to select a different name for an existing control center, if you want. For example, you can change Maastricht to Brussels. You can select from one of the existing names, or just a generic 'Center' or 'Control' call.
  2. The information PF3 reads from FSX is essentially airport information, including gates/stands, taxiways, runways, ILS data, and frequencies. This data can be updated when add-on scenery is installed. Airspace information is not modified or updated.
  3. Also note that the Demo has limited voices.
  4. Also note that in PF3, no waypoints are removed. There is an optional warning if your waypoints are too close, but you can disable the warning entirely or ignore it, as you choose.
  5. There is no generic chatter. The chatter in PF3 is based on AI only.
  6. This is an excellent point. Rich, suggest you change the cruise altitude in your flight plan from 14000 to 6000, and re-attempt.
  7. Rich, I'd also suggest you register at the PF3 Support Forum: http://www.ocs-support.co.uk/forums/viewforum.php?f=8 :smile:
  8. Richard, get rid of the DP you have assigned to your last waypoint. You are telling PF3 you are flying a SID until that waypoint, so you will not be vectored.
  9. If you want to fly without ATC, or with default ATC, you don't need the program. However, neither is really recommended. :smile:
  10. Yes. The Canadian control sectors have been reworked, and Toronto Centre is there!
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