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  1. Hello, After a while of being out of simming, I am coming back into p3d v5.2, and with the latest version of chaseplane, i noticed replay is no longer there. Is this a permanent removal? did i do something wrong? Thanks in advance
  2. hello, I read a post that is about two years old in which the user has issues with replay being extremely stuttery, and the answer is that once you go past v1.0, the issue will be fixed. do you guys have any updates on this by any chance?
  3. Thank you so much for feeding our hobbies and addictions with amazing products! Happy Holidays!!
  4. hi guys, i just purchased chaseplane, and i cant get in to p3d. ive tried enabling experimental version and removing the smooth zoom option, and nothing, any tips?
  5. as far as i am concerned, in FSX, it uses cpu power....
  6. Hi All, I have a weird situation. I currently run FSX in DX10 with Steve's Fixer. My PC runs win7 64 bit pro. FSX Acceleration, and my GFX card is Nvidia GTX 780 3GB. Everything works fine in dx9, but as soon as i switch, SweetFX stops working completely, i just dont get anything but standard fsx lighting. i followed instructions from the website and downloaded recommended files, but nothing... I would really appreciate any help as i am a bit frustrated haha.....what could i have skipped?
  7. if i just uninstall the 777, and format my pc, will it count as a 3rd pc? i already have it on my laptop?
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