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  1. simmercr

    An SSD Question

    I would not clone a HDD to an SSD...due to the fact that the sector arrangement is completely different to an SSD. You need to start from 0, installing everything, that is the best to way to keep performance at top levels. If you clone the HDD, your SSD might suffer performance issues.
  2. simmercr

    PMDG 777 windows 8 x 64

    Works fine for me too...Win 8.1 Pro...
  3. simmercr

    FSX, PMDG & Windows 8

    Mine works fine with 8.1, no crashes at all, latest drivers, even FSX on the Program Files x86 folder. Also it runs on a SSD. I think the trick with the majority of software, especially Windows, is to keep the house in order like registry clean, get rid of old data, stuff like that, never had a problem doing those things.
  4. simmercr

    06MAY14 - PMDG 777 SP1/300ER Updates

    Thanks for the update, any details on preordering this product?