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  1. ChadB77L

    Navdata Update

    I've found that if you use the Navigraph tool with a user defined path to Prepar3D v4, it places the navdata in a Prepar3D\FMCWP folder (although procedures do go to the correct PMDG\SIDSTARS folder). Simply move the contents of the FMCWP folder to the PMDG\NavData folder and you're all set. I'm sure the NG tool will be updated soon.
  2. Ironic. Might be, but there is a cause.
  3. I'm seeing similar values and have been watching VAS very closely, so I'm not convinced it has to do with an OOM either: 33315792 System time = 04/03/2017 23:16:52, Simulator time = 00:32:16 (23:32Z) 33315792 *** FSUIPC log file being closed Minimum frame rate was 11.9 fps, Maximum was 46.3 fps Minimum available memory recorded was 1268Mb Average frame rate for running time of 33131 secs = 29.5 fps G3D fix: Passes 150102, Null pointers 0, Bad pointers 0, Separate instances 0 Maximum AI traffic for session was 30 aircraft Memory managed: 14539 Allocs, 14539 Freed ********* FSUIPC Log file closed *********** This tallies with what I'm seeing in Process Explorer. I thought I could narrow the crash down to a particular module (by watching Process Explorer during FSX exit) but couldn't.
  4. ChadB77L

    Automatic Anti-Ice Operation

    Hi Fabrizio, great weather you found! I did some research and found technical notes for a Saudi operator I think, stating that the aircraft needed to be airborne for auto AI to work. This would imply a need to turn it on after start (NAI anyway) so it's ready when the time comes to depart in icing conditions. It doesn't answer why it didn't activate once airborne, but I'll go through the notes again and share them if I can find them.
  5. ChadB77L

    Thrust Decrease After Takeoff

    Great thanks, I'll give that a go!
  6. ChadB77L

    Thrust Decrease After Takeoff

    Hey Adam, how have you implemented the reversers via FSUIPC? I tried it long ago and can't use the LUA script I use for the PMDG twins because I can't figure out how to apply it to 4 axes. Thanks!
  7. I have the same, reported it to support and apparently no one else has reported the issue. I only have it happening with the 747 v3.
  8. ChadB77L

    Clickspots MCP

    OK I found it, it activates the VOR/ADF receiver selector on the audio panel. Wondering why this specific clickspot activates that though, seems a bit random?
  9. ChadB77L

    Clickspots MCP

    Hi Adam, All clear, thanks. There's a third clickspot at the top of the inner knob though, what does that do? As I said, the top of the inner BARO button selects transponder modes. What does the top of the inner MINS button do?
  10. Hello, The intro manual refers to 2 additional clickspots on the MCP on the MINS knob and the BARO knob. Unfortunately my tooltips aren't working and flash too quickly for me to see what they say. I've figured out the baro setting knob can also be used to set the transponder mode. What does the MINS knob do? I can hear it clicking but don't know what it's changing. Thanks!
  11. ChadB77L

    Speedbrakes deployment

    I've noticed the same, decent landings but the lever stops at the flight detent.
  12. ChadB77L

    Activate PVD ?

    Same here, I couldn't find anything about the power switch for the PVD in the intro manual. Nor in the FCOM for that matter. Listing "PVD is powered" as a requirement isn't immediately clear if there's no description about how that is achieved.
  13. ChadB77L

    Thrust Decrease After Takeoff

    Only initial climb. I also think it has to do with the throttle HOLD as Adam suggests. Maybe the EPR drifts upwards slightly as the aircraft accelerates and is then corrected downwards back to take-off EPR when THR REF engages airborne?
  14. ChadB77L

    Thrust Decrease After Takeoff

    Hi Adam, I've seen this too on every flight. I forget to watch for it as I have other things to do, but I do look over at the EICAS when I hear the reduction, only to catch the last few decimals changing before stabilising. I haven't noticed the exact change in EPR/N1 but I'll watch for it next time.