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  1. Thank you for the update Robert! Glad to hear PMDG aircraft will be functional out of the gate when V3 comes out. Looking forward to higher performance! Cheers! :smile:
  2. [sOLVED] Mistakenly moved the Prepar3d folder to a different folder after the installation completed. Using the Repair function in the P3D installer, it put key files to the original folder, which was the issue. I moved back all my files to the original folder, and the PMDG installer now detects P3D. Hey guys, I have windows 10 on my computer, with several SSDS for programs and games. I have my OS on SSD #1, P3D on SSD #2. When windows 10 first came out, there were issues with using their "upgrade" program, so I elected to do a fresh install of Windows 10 instead. Well it turns out the OS will not activate because it didn't first go through the upgrade. I also tried to play P3D, however it was broken since I believe it stores a few essential files on the SSD that has the OS on it. Fine, I uninstall all of my flight sim products and even P3D. I do a quick install of Windows 8, and use the Windows 10 upgrade to get my OS activated. Here I am with Windows 10, and now a fresh install of P3D sitting on SSD 2, and practically a fresh install of Windows 10 on SSD 1. I install of my flight sim products: FSDT airports, REX, ORBX, ASN, Aerosoft Airbus, etc. They all install perfectly. However, the PMDG 737 for P3D installer says it can not find Prepar3d.exe when I open the installer. I have tried running the installer as Admin, and in compatibility mode as well. So, I'm not exactly sure if this is an issue with the installer on Windows 10, or something on my computer side. I've heard people say PMDG aircraft work on Windows 10, but they installed it on Windows 7 or 8, then upgraded to Windows 10, so naturally you'd assume it would work. In my case, its the installer that is having issues finding P3D. Any help would be appreciated. Again, this is a fresh install of P3D 2.5 Version 12946.
  3. Everyone had a month to get the discounted price for both the 777 and 737 when they came out. Not sure why you're asking for a discount when they already gave one. :huh:
  4. +1 for the Operations Center. Its really nice to have a program to update us on new patches, and I've found its very very easy to install liveries. Thank you for giving us great software to compliment great products! =)
  5. Prepar3D 2.5 was the tipping point for better performance than FSX. Ever since I installed 2.5, I have way more FPS than I ever did with FSX. No one is misleading anybody, P3D is superior. I'm having issues with 737NGX and P3D at the moment... I ended up clicking on those SimConnect installers, and installed the NGX right after. I load in and FSDreamteam's Couatl is giving an error about an engine or something else causing issues in the simulator. FPS is less than 3. I posted on their forums about it to see what I did wrong.
  6. Alright thanks. I assume we'll get the operations center later. No point in keeping it exclusive to fsx if it helps a lot of users manage liveries. Thanks!
  7. And that service pack is only for fsx, correct? I assumed this new p3d version had that included.
  8. Where is the download at for the Operations Center? I can not find it to save my life.... :huh:
  9. Thank you so much for this release. I haven't bought an aircraft for flight sim this fast since the Q400 by Majestic Software. I look forward to spending many, many hours flying this aircraft around the world in flight sim!
  10. Wow that looks amazing! I love the shadows in Prepar3d, they add a lot to the sim. Can't wait to fly the NGX in P3D!
  11. I get WAY better performance out of P3D than I ever did with FSX. In FSX you have to tweak your .CFG just to get remotely close to what P3D 2.5 can do without any tweaking. V2.5 of P3D increased performance quite a bit, including fps. I can finally have a smooth takeoff with my add-ons and not have stutters because of it. P3D is only going to get better and better!
  12. Yes that does! So buying the 777 and 737 for P3D will get us through at least V3 of P3D. And maybe 4 years down the road when they release V4, we may need to pay again for the product? Or perhaps a small upgrade fee, since its the same platform but different patch?
  13. Will you guys allow us to maintain a single purchase for every version of Prepar3D? I know they update to newer versions like V1, V2, and eventually V3... and each time they do, they charge another $60 for that, but not for the smaller updates, such as V2.4. You guys mentioned you will update to 64 bit when it comes around, and is most likely free, I'm just curious about actual upgrades to each new version of Prepar3D.
  14. I do believe you need the base version of 747 to purchase the other version of it. Same with 777. I would wait for a better answer, I haven't looked into the 747 at all.
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