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  1. Yeah, just need a magic button or voice command for that :wink:
  2. Hi, thank you for a great product! But I've found a little bug. During thru flight procedure the FO will not start elapsed timer after setting nose wheel light to taxi. Steps: 1) perform normal first flight 2) complete parking checklist 3) cycle to Before Start Procedure mode with an arrow key 4) run pre-flight events 5) reset elapsed timer by yourself 6) do all flows until mode Before Takeoff To Line 7) set nose wheel light to taxi 8) FO will not start elapsed timer during second leg I am using latest version 3 of Airbus Voice Control.
  3. kostyash

    Cabin is not ready

    I have the same issue but only when preflight events where not running on second leg.
  4. kostyash

    Cold weather procedure

    Anyway, I think it's a bug. 1) Flaps remain in 30 position and not 15: 2) What does the option Runway condition in appr. brief stand for?
  5. kostyash

    Cold weather procedure

    So, I made two test flights yesterday. Both SOP1, no sim restart between them, approach briefing runway condition was dry. First flight, temp. was -2 dew point -2, no precipitation, flaps were remained in 30 position after landing by FO. Second flight, temp was +6 dew point +3, no precipitation, flaps were up after landing by FO. Any ideas? I'm using ActiveSkyNext. Maybe it will be better to read approach briefing runway condition instead of triggers based on sim weather?
  6. kostyash

    Cold weather procedure

    I will check conditions again in the evening. But the question is should flaps stay in 30 or retract to 15?
  7. kostyash

    Cold weather procedure

    Have an issue, SOP1, cold weather, no precipitation, landing with FLAPS 30, after clean up flaps remain in that position.
  8. Thanks for update! But since documentation is not updated for new options, please explain in details: 1) New CONFIG Option per user request: Option to have the FO not ask to release the Cabin Crew - Where? 2) ASDEX option and “ON LINE ATC CLIENT” how do they work together?
  9. kostyash


    Hi! I'm using SOP1 and FO sets wrong altimeter setting during transition. For example if PFD had 1012hPa he sets it to 1011 (minus 1) and so on.
  10. kostyash

    Random GPU Disconnect

    In Button mode you should start the APU by yourself according to manual. May be that is the case?
  11. And what about limited number of downloads? What will happen when counter goes down to zero?
  12. In Windows changing default sound device to another and back. Same in FSX sound settings and in PMDG options menu of CDU.
  13. kostyash

    HYD off during push

    IMHO, if there is an option to turn off HYD pumps, then they should be turned off, no matter which company SOP is used. Or this option should be disabled for some SOPs.
  14. Have the same problem, sometimes my external USB soundcard disconnects. PMDG and FSX sounds recover from disconnect by some manipulations with sound settings, but FS2Crew not. I tried RESET option, still no luck, only FSX restart.