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  1. So basicly i wanted a clean pc before starting my longhaul flight i planned to do AFTER TESTING THE 300ER at LTBA. After reboot i tried to start fsx but i suddenly saw that it doesnt want to load up the fsx lobby. All i get is the blue default loading screen popping up like it always does! But it doesnt want to start. No fatal error or anything. I also have uninstall the 300ER but the problem is still here. Very late night here at the moment but i just wanted to tell you about my problem and see if there is anyone else who have the same problem as i do. Anyway, the small time i spent with the 300ER so far was amazing, great product! Thx /Hugo
  2. Hello! I just got another pc from a friend that i wanted to use for fsx addons. I also bought WideFS and FSUIPC and both are now registered. I follow Froogles YouTube clip on how he set it up and so on. WideFS is connecting with my main PC now but i don't understand really how i suppose to import AS2012 for example to my main PC and run it on my other PC. I also installed the SimConnect and all the latest updates to my other PC. But when im trying to find the Simconnect.ini for example, then there is no files there. So i added it by my self(Main PC). Can someone who have done this before give me just a little guide or somethingor maybe there already is one out there? I don't understand how im suppose to install my addons, shoulder i install them to my Main Harddrive from my main PC??? Im really lost. If someone wanna teamview on my pc, please contact me and i give you my password. Thanks alot
  3. hugorybrink

    Sky Textures for ENB Series

    This texture pack doesnt change anything for me I follow you guide but still nothing happend for me. Any chance you could help me with these? These pics are just to damn beautiful to be true. I also tried to change my sun size, but when im going to save my new settings, then my notepad cant save it for some reason.